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Visafone Nigeria Recruits Massively (Over 15 Position)

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21 Jan, 2011

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Telecom Jobs in Nigeria

Visafone, one of the fastest growing mobile operators in Nigeria, urgently requires dynamic high achievers to help manage its aggressive growth and expansion. In a short span of less than three years from commercial launch, Visafone has built a strong and loyal customer base, and has simultaneously achieved many firsts in different areas.

The Visafone brand enjoys a remarkable and emotive relationship with its customers, and is today one of the most vibrant and strong Nigerian brands and success stories.

The young and talented Visafone team has always pushed the envelope on performance and productivity… and looks to welcome new team members who can help it manage aggressive service, coverage and revenue growth and development

Job Description:
Lead the billing team and maintain the complete billing systems , tariff configuration, administering interconnect billings, error reporting, health and capacity monitoring, change administration and maintenance of back ups

Qualification & experience Required:
Graduate Engineer in Computer Science or IT with 10 years+ experience handling billing system in telecom environment

Job Description:
Day-to-day maintenance of bill in g system, configuration of tariff plans, error reporting, bill generation management, back end configuration and provisioning, routine health checks, Interconnect billing

Qualification & Experience Required:
Graduate engineer in Computer Science or equivalent IT qualification. 2 year plus experience in billing system and processes. Working knowledge of R08MS, UNIX/LlNUX is desirable.

Job Description:
Full responsibility for data services management, including IP and enterprise data services; delivery of IP and enterprise data products; service level management; management of bandwidth and leased line requirements and service levels.

Qualification & Experience Required:
Engineering graduate in Computer Science/Telecommunications 7+ years of working experience in any ISP organization, knowledge of PDSN, routers, BGP, BW management and traffic shaping, protocols like OSPF/BGP/MPLS/RTP etc

Job Description:
Responsible for planning, engineering and configuration of data network, O&M of various networking elements, traffic monitoring, routing.

Qualification & Experience Required:
Engineering graduate in Computer Science. Telecommunications 2+ years of working experience in any ISP organization, must have worked on CISCO/JUNIPER/HUAWEI NE40E routers and have networking certification

• HEAD-IT (REF:TEC. 05)x1
Job Description:
Full end-to-end responsibility of development , maintenance and upgrade of all IT systems and components; formulating IT strategy and operational implementation; vendor relationships and negotiations; monitoring and management of component and system level SLAs; management of company LANs and WAN, and IT support to all functions Including system and data security

Qualification & Experience Required:
Computer Science Engineering graduate or equivalent IT qualification. 10 years+ ICT experience and must have directly handled at a senior position of any medium scale IT infrastructure, system OS up gradation, error trouble shooting, Hw replacement, ability to adapt to SLA driven work ethics.

Qualification & Experience Required:
Computer Science Engineering IT qualification Working experience on either HP, 18M, SUN hardwares and security and backup systems will be preferable.

Job Description: Responsible for all storage systems and capacities; maintaining and monitoring backup protocols and backup integrity; maintaining redundancy in all mission critical data backup, administration and operations of centralized storage system

Qualification & Experience Required:
Computer Science Engineer with 2+ years working experience on centralized storage system.

• HEAD VAS (REF: TEC.-08)x1
Job Description:
Planning and Engineering of Network and content value Added Services through service fulfillment, revenue assurance and billing models and processes. Standardize O&M processes, scoping and delivery of KPls and SLAs. Budgeting, and partnership management, ability to drive excellence through continuous improvement.

Qualification & experience Required:
Electrical/ Telecommunications / Computer Science engineering graduate with 15years+ ICT experience . Must have worked on one or more VAS products like Call Management systems(CRBT), 5MSC, MCA, L8S, WAP, content aggregation etc.

Job Description:
Understanding of one or more VAS components Such as SMS, MMS, LBS, IMPS, UMS, VMS, SOP, IPTV, WAP GW, OTA, Poe, VIG. Key responsibilities include operations and maintenance VAS elements, product design and development, VAS service configuration and testing.

Qualification & Experience Required:
Electrical / Telecommunications /Computer science graduate with 2+ years experience. Experience of working on ROBMS like Oracle, SQL, unix/linux, Java will be desirable

Job Description:
In charge of all network O&M in Northern States and FCT; supervision of Managed Services activities, ensure network availability and Northern region, reporting to CTO

Qualification & Experience Required:
Electirical / Electronics /Telecommunications Engineer. 15+ years of experience in handling telecom network with few years of direct supervisory role

Job Description:
Assisting Head of RF Planning in ensuring swift and accurate response to network and internal customer needs; constant tracking and updating of network KPI and drive test data as a planning database; liaising with sales and marketing on behalf of Technical/RF Planning team.

Qualification & Experience Required:
Electrical/ Electronics/ Telecommunications Engineer. 5+ years of experience in RF engineering CDMA/GSM, handled RF planning tools

Job Description:
Responsible for forward planning and scaling of core network and components; introduction of new features, traffic engineering and dimensioning of signaling links, trunks and POls, and liaise with RF and T)(n Planning Groups for end to end network plans, and equipment evaluation of new features, traffic engineering and dimensioning of signaling links, trunks and POls, and liaise with RF and Txn Planning Groups for end to end network plans, and equipment evaluation

Qualification & Experience:
Electrical/ Electronics/Telecommunications Engineer. 5+ years of working experience in core network elements. Huawei Softswitch experience preferable.

partners and systems for COMA and inter standard roaming generation and exchange of billing data with partner networks and roaming service providers; Development of enhanced services and products for postpaid and prepaid international roamers; updation and monitoring of tariff and settlement data; development and maintenance of customer self service features for international roamers

Qualification & Experience Required:
Electirical/ Electronics /Telecommunications Engineer. 7+ years of experience in handling telecom network with few years of experience in international roaming.

Job Description:
Responsible for O&M of Utilities In the switch buildings and at cell sites, introduce proper maintenance practices, undertake timely up-gradations and enhancements, manage and supervise AMC deliverables, implement adequate safety and security measures, undertake integration of renewable energy or fuel efficient measures to control OPEX, able to do load calculation and power system design with alternate source of Power integration

Qualification & Experience Required:
Degree in electrical Engineering. 10+ years of working experience on power substations operations.

Method of Application
To apply, please send your recent CV to [email protected]

Application Deadline: 3rd February, 2011

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