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5 Jun, 2014

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Education Jobs in Nigeria

Founded in 1962, the University of Lagos has, for over 5 decades, provided qualitative and research-oriented education to Nigerians and all those who have entered its domain in search of knowledge. At its inception, the University of Lagos was empowered to produce a professional workforce that would steer the political, social and economic development of a newly independent country. Over the last fifty years the University has pursued this mission with vigour, excellence and panache. The University has built a legacy of academic excellence and is now acclaimed publicly as “the University of First Choice and the Nation’s Pride.”

The main campus is located at Akoka, Yaba area of Lagos, while the campus of its College of Medicine with its adjunct Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) is located idi-Araba, Surulere, on the Lagos mainland.

Over the past few years, the University has strived to increase its financial self -sufficiency, recognising that it cannot depend on government funding alone to achieve and sustain the distinction to which it aspires. The University is therefore taking steps to seek greater financial autonomy by implementing measures and programmes and developing the capabilities to solicit, promote and earn the generosity of its alumni body as well as the broad community of interests the University serves.

Applications are invited from suitably qualified candidates for the positions:

1.) Senior Lecturer (Zoology)

2.) Professor (Fishries)

3.) Senior Lecturer

4.) Lecturer II (Zoology)

5.) Lecturer I

6.) Lecturer I (Fishries)

7.) Lecturer I (Zoology)

8.) Lecturer I (Marine Biology)

9.) Lecturer II (Fishries)

10.) Associate Professor

11.) Senior Lecturer (Urban & Regional Planning)

12.) Lecturer II (Marine Biology)

13.) Professor

14.) Lecturer I (Statistics)

15.) Professor (Urban & Regional Planning)

16.) Senior Lecturer (Actuarial Science)

17.) Associate Professor (Statistics)

18.) Lecturer II (Urban & Regional Planning)

19.) Lecturer I (Actuarial Science)

20.) Professor (Statistics)

21.) Senior Lecturer (Statistics)

22.) Lecturer I (Urban & Regional Planning)

23.) Lecturer II (Statistics)

24.) Assistant Lecturer (Physics Electronics)

25.) Associate Professor (Urban & Regional Planning)

26.) Assistant Lecturer (Pure Physics)

27.) Professor (Physics Electronics)

28.) Lecturer II (Actuarial Science)

29.) Senior Lecturer (Surveying)

30.) Professor (Pure Physics)

31.) Professor (Pure Physics)

32.) Associate Professor (Pure Physics)

33.) Professor (Surveying)

34.) Lecturer I (Insurance)

35.) Senior Lecturer (Insurance)

36.) Lecturer I (Physics Electronics)

37.) Lecturer II (Surveying)

38.) Associate Professor (Insurance)

39.) Lecturer I (Pure Physics)

40.) Professor (Insurance)

41.) Senior Lecturer (Physics Electronics)

42.) Lecturer I (Surveying)

43.) Senior Lecturer (Pure Physics)

44.) Lecturer II (Insurance)

45.) Lecturer II (Pure Physics)

46.) Lecturer II (Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering)

47.) Associate Professor (Surveying)

48.) Professor (Quantity Surveying)

49.) Associate Professor (Chemical Engineering)

50.) Senior Lecturer (Quantity Surveying)

51.) Assistant Lecturer (Surveying)

52.) Professor (Chemical Engineering)

53.) Professor (Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering)

54.) Associate (Quantity Surveying) Professor

55.) Senior Lecturer (Science and Tech Edu)

56.) Associate Professor (Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering)

57.) Senior Lecturer (Social Work)

58.) Senior Lecturer (Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering)

59.) Senior Lecturer (Sociology)

60.) Lecturer I (Science & Tech Edu)

61.) Assistant Lecturer (Pure Chemistry)

62.) Lecturer II (Social Work)

63.) Senior Lecturer (Psychology)

64.) Professor (Social Work)

65.) Lecturer I (Pure Chemistry)

66.) Professor (Psychology)

67.) Lecturer II (Pure Chemistry)

68.) Assistant Lecturer (Social Work)

69.) Assistant Lecturer (Accounting)

70.) Senior Lecturer (Pure Chemistry)

71.) Lecturer I (Psychology)

72.) Associate Professor (Accounting)

73.) Associate Professor (Pure Chemistry)

74.) Lecturer I (Accounting)

75.) Lecturer II (Accounting)

76.) Associate Professor (Geology)

77.) Professor (Accounting)

78.) Professor (Geology)

79.) Associate Professor (Psychology)

80.) Senior Lecturer (Accounting)

81.) Professor (Geophysics)

82.) Assistant Lecturer (Adult Education)

83.) Lecturer II (Philosophy)

84.) Associate Professor (Architecture)

85.) Senior Lecturer (Geology)

86.) Lecturer I (Architecture)

87.) Senior Lecturer (Geophysics)

88.) Associate Professor (Philosophy)

89.) Assistant Lecturer (Arts & Social Science Education)

90.) Lecturer I (Geology)

91.) Associate Professor (Arts & Social Science Education)

92.) Lecturer I (Geophysics)

93.) Lecturer I (Arts & Social Science Education)

94.) Senior Lecturer (Pharmaceutical Chemistry)

95.) Lecturer II (Geology)

96.) Senior Lecturer (Arts & Social Science Education)

97.) Associate Professor (Finance)

98.) Lecturer II (Pharmaceutical Chemistry)

99.) Lecturer I (Linguistics/Yoruba, Linguistics/Igbo, Linguistics/Chinese)

100.) Lecturer I (Finance)

101.) Lecturer II (Linguistics/Yoruba, Linguistics/Chinese)

102.) Lecturer I (Pharmaceutical Chemistry)

103.) Senior Lecturer (Finance)

104.) Assistant Lecturer (Linguistics/Yoruba, Linguistics/Chinese)

105.) Assistant Lecturer (Botany)

106.) Senior Lecturer (French Language, French Literature)

107.) Lecturer II (Botany)

108.) Professor (Botany)

109.) Assistant Lecturer (Fishries)

110.) Assistant Lecturer (Marine Biology)

111.) Lecturer I (Building)

112.) Senior Lecturer (Building)

113.) Senior Lecturer (Pharm&Pharm Tech)

114.) Senior Lecturer (Fisheries)

115.) Assistant Lecturer (Business Administration)

116.) Senior Lecturer (Marine Biology)

117.) Associate Professor (Business Administration)

118.) Senior Lecturer (Met&Mat)

119.) Lecturer I (Business Administration)

120.) Professor (Met&Mat)

121.) Professor (Business Administration)

122.) Senior Lecturer (Mathematics)

123.) Senior Lecturer (Business Administration)

124.) Professor (Mathematics)

125.) Associate Professor (Cell Biology)

126.) Lecturer I (Cell Biology)

127.) Senior Lecturer (Mass Communication)

128.) Lecturer II (Cell Biology)

129.) Professor (Mass Communication)

130.) Senior Lecturer (Cell Biology)

131.) Lecturer II (Mass Communication)

132.) Professor (Clinical Pathology)

133.) Senior Lecturer (Clinical Pathology)

134.) Senior Lecturer (Jurisprudence)

135.) Professor (Clinical Pathology)

136.) Professor (Jurisprudence)

137.) Senior Lecturer (Clinical Pharmacy)

138.) Lecturer I (Jurisprudence)

139.) Assistant Lecturer (Computer Science)

140.) Associate Professor (Jurisprudence)

141.) Associate Professor (Computer Science)

142.) Professor (Human Kinetics)

143.) Lecturer I (Computer Science)

1444.) Lecturer II (Computer Science)

145.) Senior Lecturer (Estate Management)

146.) Professor (Computer Science)

147.) Professor (Estate Management)

148.) Senior Lecturer (Computer Science)

149.) Associate Professor (Economics)

150.) Professor (Educational Foundations)

151.) Lecturer II (Economics)

152.) Senior Lecturer (Economics)

153.) Professor (Economics)

154.) Professor (Pharm&Pharm Tech)

155.) Lecturer I (Pharm&Pharm Tech)

156.) Associate Professor (Pharm&Pharm Tech)

157.) Assistant Lecturer (Pharm&Pharm Tech)

158.) Senior Lecturer

159.) Lecturer I

160.) Lecturer II

161.) Professor (Russian Language/ Literature)

162.) Professor (French Literature)

163.) Senior Lecturer (French Language, French Literature)

164.) Lecturer I (French Language, French Literature)

165.) Lecturer II

166.) Assistant Lecturer

167.) Professor (Linguistics / Yoruba, Linguistics/Igbo, Linguistics/Chinese)

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7th July, 2014

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