Add Joblist Nigeria to your Email address book or your safe list

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31 Oct, 2010

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Vacancies in Nigeria

Not receiving your Joblist Nigeria latest Job Alerts or discovering they are continually being sent to your junk folder?

Emails that are sent to multiple recipients, such as regular Joblist Nigeria latest Job Alerts, are sometimes mistakenly identified as spam (junk mail) by email and webmail services. To prevent future issues of communications from Joblist Nigeria being deleted or sent to the junk mail folder, you can add specific email addresses to your address book or your safe list.

Our Emails to be added are:

[email protected]

[email protected]

Below are instructions on how to do this for some of the most popular email providers.

Select Contacts from the top of the screen
Select Add a new contact and enter details of the contact you would like to add
Save to confirm changes

If you’re a new subscriber you can add the From address from an email or newsletter you’ve received to your address book:

Select the Mail menu and select Address Book
Wait for the Address Book window to pop up, then select Add
Wait for the Address Card for New Contact window to load
Once the window has loaded, cut and paste the email address you wish to add into the Other E-Mail field
Make the ‘From address’ the ‘Primary E-Mail Address’ by ticking the associated check box
Select Save to confirm your changes
If you are an existing subscriber of a newsletter, and are seeing messages that you wanted ending up in your spam (junk mail) folder:

Open one of the email newsletters and select the ‘This Is Not Spam’ option
Add the sender’s email address into your Address Book as outlined in the information for new subscribers above
Select Done when you’ve finished making your changes

Select Contacts on the left hand side of the screen
Select the picture at the top left hand of the screen with the title tag ‘New Contact’
Type in the details of the contact you would like to add
Save to confirm changes

Go to your Contacts page
Select New and enter the email address you wish to receive messages from in the E-mail field
Save and Close to confirm your changes

Other email providers
Although we’ve only highlighted email providers that are most popular with Joblist Nigeria customers, you should still be able to receive our emails if you are with another provider. To ensure emails from Joblist Nigeria get through to your inbox, look for our emails in your junk folder, then mark “not junk” or “not spam” to restore the messages to your inbox. You can also add the email address to your address book so that they will always come straight through to your inbox.

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