Afribank Still Accepting CV’s in Nigeria

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22 Aug, 2011

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Banking Jobs in Nigeria

The selection process is open to university graduates or the equivalent, irrespective of discipline, because the Bank knows from experience that an intelligent person can emerge from any discipline or higher institutions of learning.

The Bank’s comprehensive 6 – 12 months training programme (theory and practice) for newly recruited staff fashions out a banker out of the new employee. At the end of the training period, the Afribanker would have acquired cognate experience in all aspects of banking. Thus, an Afribanker who had undergone the training would have gained enough experience to head a section or unit in the Bank. Therein lies the secret behind the courteous and efficient services delivered by the Bank.

Training and learning is an ongoing process in Afribank Nigeria Plc. Employees are encouraged and motivated to study and pass professional examinations in order to achieve self-development and enhancement of their careers in the Bank. Payment for or refund tuition and/or examination fees, monetary rewards for successful completion of some professional examinations relevant to banking, notably, the Chartered Institute of Bankers Examination, are some of the incentives.

Functional, albeit small, libraries exist in the following locations:

The Head Office Training Department
The 5 Staff Training Centres (STCs), strategically located in Lagos, Benin, Ibadan, Kano and Kaduna
The Strategic Planning Unit
These are some of the efforts to help employees cultivate the reading and learning culture, for the only safeguard against obsolescence, in all ramifications, is continuous renewal of the mind through learning.

The Head Office Training Department and the STCs are collectively referred to, in-house, as the ‘University of Afribank’. Training at these locations go beyond just banking subjects. The object is to make the employees develop skills and competencies, which are relevant to both their professional and personal lives.

Deserving employees are exposed to specialised training programmes, locally and abroad, in order to update their skills and competencies. The choice of training institutions ranges from the Lagos Business School to the Harvard Business School. The Bank sponsors a number of qualified staff annually for the MSc programme in Banking and Finance at the University of Ibadan. Also, the Bank encourages the staff to engage in part-time studies for the acquisition of higher qualifications.

The foregoing facts are some of the reasons why Afribank Nigeria Plc. can boast of efficient and courteous service delivery and employee loyalty. Service longevity is celebrated in the Bank. There are staffs who have put in more than 20 quality years of service! The constantly challenged brain does not age.

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