Best Way to Write a Resume Outline

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1 Feb, 2012

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First of all, make sure that you really understand what your resume is supposed to achieve. A resume will definitely not get you a job

Basically, the resume is the first impression which a potential employer will have. Hence it had better be a good one. Thus, a winning resume needs to convey the right message to the recruiting company. It needs to show your achievements as well as your value as an employee in a very assertive, really sharp and deeply proactive way.

Unfortunately, today making only a great impression is not enough anymore. Because of the huge number of resumes that hiring managers receive every day, they usually have just a few moments to scan a resume and discard all those candidates whose resumes are difficult to read or they may have the key information buried under a huge mass of less important text.

And now there is a third very important point. You need to use the right keywords in your resume wording. The Winning Resume is basically Your Personal Ad. It is meant to attract the hiring manager’s attention, to make a great impression and to do it all in just a few seconds.

Always start your resume outline with a hard-hitting opening statement. This statement needs to be packed with your skills, abilities as well as personal attributes and various accomplishments. Your resume profile must quickly show who you are, and what you can do for the hiring company. Nothing can be more convincing than a clear, specific and totally concise explanation of how and how much you have contributed to your previous employers’ success.

While writing down your achievements, use numbers to describe them. Do not be generic. Instead always use numbers and percentages to get your points across.

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