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21 Sep, 2010

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Brunel International N.V. is a European based company and a global service provider that specialises in HR Consultancy, Secondment and Recruitment solutions. Brunel Energy Nigeria recruits Subsea Engineer
Job description
Coordinate the subsea activities for Well Hook-up, Drilling Support and Field Operations Support

Maintain vigilant view on integrated planning of construction activities and vessels

Proactively anticipate evolving requirements for equipment

Follow the progress of Subsea Equipment Deliveries, Installation, Retrieval and Repairs

Assist to manage the Onshore base in Onne.

Assist to manage procurement of spares and refurbishment of equipment

Assist to manage the Jumper Fabrication in Port Harcourt and Onne

Organise regular meetings with Contractors

Follow-up on management actions from Field Ops, Drilling

Actively manage Contracts and Budgets for ongoing work.

The Subsea Engineer will coordinate with the following subcontractor types:Subsea Equipment , Jumper fabrication, Vessel and ROV ,Surveys.

The Subsea Engineer will represent the Subsea Group package in all aspects of interface, covering engineering, procurement, planning and cost and manage all Subsea interface related matters (protecting the Project and COMPANY’s position with regard to interfaces across packages).

The four main project objectives are set as follows:

1- Deliver with commitment to HSE excellence

2- Deliver to acceptable specifications

3- Deliver on time

4- Deliver within budget

The Service holder will be involved into the following activities with his responsibilities :


Ensure/verify that CONTRACTOR and SUB-CONTRACTORS constantly meet the standards set by Project HSE objectives

Maintain a proactive HSE attitude in all working areas in line with COMPANY published standards (Wear adequate PPE, volunteer for CONTRACTOR and SUB-CONTRACTORS facilities safety tours and meetings, stop and report (but in a positive way) anyone caught performing an unsafe act…) and comply with COMPANY requirements in terms of HSE training

Promote any Safety Bulletins issued from with Group for awareness within CONTRACTOR organisation

Follow up any analysis process of reported unsafe act, ensure close out and transmissions of the lessons learned

Although this remains the duty of the CONTRACTOR and SUB-CONTRACTORS, ensure that visitors, relevant to your package activities, are fully briefed before entering a working site (especially during heavy lift and testing operations) and guided/supervised during the visit

Completion of a LIFE of FIELD CONTRACT with assistance from OPERATIONS in NIGERIA

Planning /Procurement/Manufacturing:

Define package supply delivery plan in line with operational requirements

Monitor CONTRACTOR progress against published plan at a package level (Project planning + Milestone documents) and ensure plans are updated on a weekly basis

Communicate slippage to Subsea Manager, and other relevant entities such that impact can be fully assessed and monitored. Instigate, as appropriate, and review CONTRACTOR’s recovery plan

Provide support to SUBSEA Procurement Engineer for follow-up of procurement activities

Review & sign minutes of meeting rose at a package level.

Verify that actions are transferred to Action Register. Monitor Action Register to ensure that actions are followed up and closed out within agreed times

Organise inspection activities

Provide presence at regular intervals at fabrication and equipment sites

Ad hoc visits to SUB-CONTRACTOR facilities to ensure accuracy of reporting, adherence to designs, maintenance of build quality and adherence to HSE standards

Sign, or authorise signature of, the Ready for Shipment Certificate


The Subsea Engineer reports directly to the Subsea Manager. The Package Manager’s reporting duties include

Attend CONTRACTOR engineering meetings as and when required

Issue COMPANY SUBSEA weekly package report

Attend CONTRACTOR package progress meeting

Attend COMPANY / CONTRACTOR progress meeting (for the relevant activities)Attend COMPANY progress meeting and report findings (mainly impacting deliveries or costs) – COMPANY SUBSEA weekly package report to be issued prior to this meeting

Attend COMPANY Management Team / CONTRACTOR pre-monthly and monthly progress meeting (as and when required by COMPANY Management Team)

Contract management / Management of changes:

Be fluent in contractual matters.

Develop explanatory technical notes for CHANGE ORDERS and TECHNICAL JUSTIFICATIONS for processing the changes in a timely manner

Prepare & report Subsea budget

Skills and working behaviour:

The bullets points here below are not truly project objectives. However, they describe the general behaviour required of the SUBSEA Package Manager in order to ensure the efficiency of the SUBSEA team and promote a good working atmosphere within the SUBSEA team and with the CONTRACTOR. Remember to manage the CONTRACT and monitor the CONTRACTOR to ensure that he meets his obligation under the CONTRACT. Be aware of the CONTRACT but use it as a tool, not as a weapon, to ensure that the CONTRACTOR delivers on time, within budget and to the agreed level of equipment specifications.

Be professional

– Use Company and Project Specifications as a basis but be prepared to listen to alternatives

– Use your experience

– Use others’ experience to support/challenge your decision

– Use your common sense and be rigorous

– Never assume but check instead

– If in doubt ask for help

– Promote face to face meetings (short ones and well driven), identify issues and assign responsibilities rather than spreading E-mails with multiple addressees and unclear responsibilities for action

– Don’t ask for technical issues to be sorted the next day, instead leave time for thought but ask for a plan and schedule of actions. Monitor the Contractor’s progress against the agreed action plan.

– Behave in order that COMPANY speaks to the CONTRACTOR from a single voice – communicate with your colleagues in the SUBSEA team

– Use the approved communication methods with CONTRACTOR

– Do your Service – Manage your team and the monitor the relevant Contractor team

– Commercial issues must be considered, reported and resolved with Subsea manager.

– Be organized – It is worth stopping your work on regular basis and re-organize yourself

– Ensure the CONTRACTOR is organized

– Communicate on a regular basis with team members

– Be on time so as not to impact others’ work

– Sort a COMPANY issue at COMPANY team level, not in front of the CONTRACTOR

Be open minded

– You don’t know everything, listen to others, team member and contractor personnel; The blending of experience is good in decision making process

– Provide adequate information to others when required (teach if necessary); An objective can only be fulfilled correctly and in time, if the person in charge has the correct information in hands and understand the concern

The Service holder will be accountable for:

Delivery of the SUBSEA equipment to specifications, on schedule & within budget

Adequate interface with other departments (Field Operations Drilling, Logistics)

Acceptance of package equipment through signature of Ready for Shipment Certificates

Job requirements

Engineering degree ( generalist, mechanical …) with experience in subsea operations (Drilling / Completions / Installation) or and experience with Service contract. 7 years cumulative experience engineering, fabrication or operations.

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