Careers that Pay up to ₦100,000 Every Friday

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25 Jan, 2018

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We usually send payments every Friday to every single person that enrolled for the partner program. CPA networks pay you monthly in US dollars; we pay in Naira every single Friday.

Do you need a reliable source of Income — Watch this video showing how Nigerians are paid millions of naira monthly? See live video proof of payment not screen shot

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The idea is to help you convert your Facebook account to a money making machine, this is achieved by you affiliating with USA companies like Macys ,Wal-Mart ,Best buy, Hostgator, Alibaba, William Hill and many more. These companies pay you as much as $180 (₦65,340) dollars for referring others to them via Facebook and other social media channels. You are also paid as much as $70(₦25,760) for simple tasks such as filing a form, completing a lead or making a purchase. YOU MUST HAVE A BANK ACCOUNT TO RECEIVE FUNDS.

What you need to do

The first thing you need is to get approved by a CPA network in the United States. Keep in mind that THERE IS NO FEE WHATSOEVER TO GET A CPA ACCOUNT; instead they pay you in US Dollars every single month. The truth is that so many Nigerians get paid as much as $3000 (₦1,104,000) monthly for these tasks monthly.

1. To get a CPA account click here  fill the form

2. Check your email for a detailed guide on how to apply.

3. Be patient for approval which could take as long as 2 week sometimes less

4. Once you are approved, we will train you on how to earn as much as $65 (₦24,000) or more daily.

5. Wake up every single day and UNDERSTAND WHY WE CALL POVERTY A BASTARD


Yes!!! Unlike others who will keep sending you screen shots copied online to convince you, we made a video logging into real accounts to show you how much money can be made being a CPA expert, See live video here Regular Nigerians who were born as late as 1996 are making real money online (not every young kid you see driving an expensive car is into anything fraudulent).

Your age, educational qualification, tribe, accent is never a barrier to making money with CPA marketing.


Nope nothing like that. Google CPA marketing and it’s earning potential, at that point you will understand why I KEEP CALLING POVERTY A BASTARD.

CAN I MAKE THE KIND OF MONEY IN THE VIDEO? to be realistic, you can earn as much as $1000- $1500 (₦552,000) in your first months of doing CPA marketing; it increases with time as you gain more experience.

You talked about payment on Friday, what’s that I am interested.

We figured out that we could also help Nigerians earn more because the goal of CPA marketing is make money, money, money…… We set up an internal referral program that pays you ₦5000 for each person you refer to us; we pay out every single Friday. So while waiting for CPA monthly payments, enjoy our own naira payments on Friday. No company in Nigeria does that … we are the first … yippee….

Thank you for taking your time to read this, I hope that few months from now, you will look back and send me a mail of appreciation.

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Anybody asking you to pay money to schedule your interview or offer you job may be a scam