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7 Jan, 2016

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Banking Jobs in Nigeria

Citibank Nigeria Limited, the leading global financial services company, provides consumers, corporations, governments and institutions with a broad range of financial products and services.

We are recruiting to fill the following vacant positions below:

Job Title: Sec Processing Analyst 2
Job ID: 16085413
Location: Nigeria
Job Function: Operations
Schedule: Full-time
Shift: Day Job

Primary Purpose
State briefly the principal purpose of the position, its major objectives and the impact the position has on Citibank Nigeria Ltd. Processing of the following:

  • FGN Trading Bonds
  • FGN AFS Bonds
  • GHS Trading Bonds
  • FGN EURO Trading Bonds
  • AMCON Bonds
  • US Treasury Bonds AFS Portfolio
  • Trading Treasury Bills
  • AFS Treasury Bills
  • Customer Investments in Bills and Bonds

Others include:

  • Daily Mark  to Market for Bills and Bonds
  • Treasury bills blotter Update
  • Treasury Bills Blotter /DEPO/X daily Proof
  • FGN Bonds Edealer/ DEPO/X daily reconciliation
  • Tbills pledged to FIRS/NIBSS/Clearing/Zenith etc.
  • Tbills/Bonds Customer Purchases
  • Auction bidding
  • Coupon Processing

Authorisation on the following systems:

  • Money Market System
  • Flexcube
  • RTGS – CBN Payment System
  • S4  –  CBN Securities Settlement System
  • Orbiflow

Principal Accountabilities
List a series of brief statement s, which describe only the major activities for which this job is held accountable.

  • FGN Bonds/ Treasury Bills Auction:
    • Ensure bonds/bills application forms are filled correctly
    • Authorize bid on S4 for new maturities introduced by CBN
    • Generate letters to Central Bank in respect of the bond application  for existing maturities
    • Confirm Stop rate and ensure we are debited accordingly
    • Post entries on flexcube
    • Ensure Customers requests for Bonds are presented to CBN
    • Instruct CBN on S4 to transfer Bonds to PFA Custodians
    • Obtain and Update FII Security Numbers for new AFS Bond/Bills
  • FGN Bonds / Treasury Bills Trading Portfolio:
    • On Sale/Purchase of Bonds/Bills to counter party, ensure Trades are settled on DEPO/X on Settlement Date
    • Ensure  entries are passed on flexcube on Settlement dates
    • Pass entries to reconcile and net-off Suspense Account.
    • Confirm settled and unsettled trades from S4
    • Contact counter parties for failed/unsettled deals.
    • Send reports on unsettled deals to Treasury and monitor representation.
    • Pass adjusting entries for failed settlements.
    • Ensure confirmation letters are sent to counterparties
    • Update the Treasury bills blotter and reconcile
    • Reconcile the Bonds/Bills position on flexcube to S4
    • Escalate discrepancies to CBN for resolution.
  • US Treasury Bonds/Government of Ghana Bonds/FGN Euro Bonds:
    • Handle the processing of foreign currency Bonds.
    • Liaise with custodians to reconcile the bonds Portfolio using MT535
    • Confirm the deals
    • Follow up on FICC to update Edealer for interest accrued.
    • Ensure Coupons are received when paid.
    • Monitor for receipt of cash settlements for Sales and ensure transfers are done for Purchases.
  • Ensure confirmation letters are printed and sent to despatch unit.
  • Preparation of Regulatory Returns on Bills and Bonds
  • Review PCU report on bills/bonds and take appropriate action as required.
  • Send Management  Reports to relevant unit
  • Send Unsettled transactions report to relevant units
  • Update the Treasury Monthly MIS report before the 15th of the next month.
  • Reconcile Interest in suspense and PDO account balances before the 15th of the month. Escalate to relevant units and follow through for resolution of exceptions.
  • Review FX profit calculations for adjustment of unrealised profit.
  • Perform oversight function for the outsourced products in the unit
  • Co-ordinate the monthly and quarterly surprise proofs for the unit
  • Co-ordinate the MCA in the unit

Business Relationships:

  • Describe the types of internal/external relationships and frequency of contract (e.g., customers, regulators, government agencies, Other Citi departments/businesses).
  • Internal: RMs, GSG, Citiservice, Customer service, TTS CASH, FINANCE, OPS Control, FICC, SFS etc.

Specialized Skills/Experience:

  • Describe the educational requirements, special skills or work experience required to perform this position:
    • Education or (Equivalent Training): Basic College Degree.
    • Experience and Training: From 5 Years
    • Moderate Physical Demand

Thinking Complexity:

  • List the biggest challenges which help describe the complexity of the operating climate.

Thinking Complexity required is high largely due to the following:

  • Unstructured demands and requirements from Central Bank, CSCS, FIRS
  •  Authorities and other relevant agencies.
  • Multiple Systems used for processing
  • Some disparity between Local accounting and US GAAP
  • High value of transactions

How to Apply
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Job Title: Market Operations Control Lead
Location: Nigeria, Lagos
Job Function: Operations
Schedule: Full-time
Shift: Day Job

Job Purpose

  • Independently assess the effectiveness of controls and determine the potential impact of any control failure and   the corrective actions required.
  • Highlight to senior management all concerns arising from failure of controls that could result in losses and/or reputational risks.
  • Ensure that the reviews conducted have a corrective action follow up mechanism through i-caps.
  • Ensure adherence to corporate policies and local policy as well as local and global regulatory environment.
  • Participate in all aspects of assessments, in accordance with Internal Audit standards and/or regulatory statutes.
  • Participate in training and developing other staff in audit, risk assessment techniques and accounting principles.
  • Understand and accurately evaluate risks and controls as they relate to business objectives.
  • Use available technology and automation tools to appropriately improve processes within the department and business in general.
  • Develop an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the business and to acquire greater knowledge of the products and processes.
  • Implement the Fraud Management program appropriate for the business in conjunction with BUFM and CSIS.
  • Develop and report on control metrics that facilitate management oversight over operations.
  • Monitor and ensure the execution of corrective action plans (CAPs), remediation of audit and regulatory issues and ensure compliance with policies, established procedures and best practices by the Market Operations function, country and legal vehicle.

Key Responsibilities

  • Responsible for maintaining the Market Operations control framework across the cluster to identify and reduce operational risk.
  • Planning the control reviews by selecting the appropriate quality assurance approach, methodology and preparing the test plan that best suits the product and process.
  • Evaluate the adequacy and effectiveness of internal control by Analysing/flowcharting the different processes in order to evaluate controls, identify inefficient processes.
  • Conduct controls related reviews in accordance with the Gold Copy controls plan and test plans approved by the Operations Control function. Perform analytical reviews and check adherence to corporate policies.
  • Preparing controls assessment reports for senior management, discussing issues with relevant business unit heads.
  • Influencing the design and improvement of processes to ensure that appropriate controls exist to manage risks efficiently.
  • Participate in evaluating Strategic and Tactical Change; Policy and Process updates; Regulatory requirements etc.
  • Management / Oversight of Corrective Action Plan remediation process
  • Proactive audit support; Health checks, identification of thematic issues etc.
  • Ensuring that significant Risks are identified and escalated in a timely manner via Control Governance Channels
  • Responsible for communicating emerging issues to management and following through on unresolved issues.
  • Co-ordinating the Operations and Technology self-assessment (MCAs) and DCFCs processes for the bank.
  • Assist the Fraud Manager on handling, investigating and reporting of fraud incidents and attempts.
  • Ensure that all performance indicators/KRIs for management from Operations Control are availed as and when required.
  • Co-ordinate and undertake training of staff on controls related subjects and role of Operations Control.
  • Promote efficiency in the utilization of corporate resources.
  • Participate in regional assignments relating to peer reviews and provide assistance to other countries in the cluster when the need arises, such as Internal Audit Preparation.
  • Support the wider Operations Control strategy
  • Promotion of a control culture within the Operations division
  • Any other function/duty or responsibility that may be assigned from time to time as deemed appropriate by the business.

Business Relationships

  • SCOOs/Country OandT Heads Audit preparation, Market Operations MCA, Controls testing reports and plan
  • Market Operations function heads in the countries and Processing Hub Monitoring effectiveness of controls; status of issues and progress on corrective actions.
  • Operations Control Officers in the countries and administration hubs Sharing information, sharing and ensuring best practice, rendering reports.


  • Regulators – Response to audit queries; inquiries regarding our securities and accounts with the Central Bank/Central Depositories for securities.
  • Clients/Professional counterparties – Confirmations with respect to FX/MM contracts/Market trades/Securities


  • Minimum of 15 years post-graduate experience
  • Must have served at least  3 years on AVP/C12 level
  • At least 10 years banking experience including processing experience in an ICG Markets product line such as FX, Money Market, Loans, Fixed Income, Derivatives or Equities.
  • Must have served in at least 3 major areas of Banking Operations.
  • Audit/controls experience
  • Proficient in metrics/KRIs assessment and reporting


  • University Degree in Accounting, Business related discipline, Information Technology, Computer Engineering or equivalent plus a relevant higher degree or professional qualification.


  • Strong organizational skills with ability to multi-task
  • Good communication and relationship skills
  • Willingness to question/challenge existing processes and ensure a satisfactory outcome
  • Analytical thinking
  • Attention to detail
  • Ability to prioritize
  • Willingness to Act with urgency, courage and conviction
  • Good articulation of issues/events

Core Competencies:

  • Ability to Work with minimal supervision.
  • Ability to handle complex and varied work assignments requiring frequent careful decision making in timing and sequence of procedures and steps.
  • Ability to perform thorough root-cause analysis of events and to analyse different processes to evaluate controls.
  • Ability to Plan and execute various control reviews and discuss issues and corrective actions with department heads.
  • Organizational skills to prepare departments for Audit, Peer and Conformance reviews.
  • Organizational skills to coordinate self-assessment processes for multiple geographies.

How to Apply
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Job Title: Teller – Transaction Svs. Rep
Job Code: 3-16085392
Location: Nigeria,Lagos
Job Function: Operations
Schedule: Full-time
Shift: Day Job

Primary Purpose
As Funds Transfer Teller:

  • Receipt and handling RTGS/NEFT/Foreign Currency Outflows/Local currency Outflows/Book Transfers/MC Request, Draft purchase, and re-issuance request etc. from customers/clients/reps.
  • Ensure all MIFTABLE transactions are treated in accordance with bank’s MIFT policy.
  • Pass all instructions on orbiflow indexing it to the processing unit on the intellect scan.
  • Check periodically on flexcube if entries have been correctly passed.
  • Identifying transactions/documents for introduction into the relevant orbiflow queue/depts. (e.g. DACS, FT, TROPS, TRADE, TRADE Ops, LEGAL, etc.)
  • Reporting
  • FIRS processing
  • Identifying authorized reps on system
  • Filing
  • Mandate update request handling amongst others.
  • Processing of custom duty transactions.
  • Ensure proper monitoring and prompt booking /liquidation of investments requested submitted at the branch.

Head Teller Functions:

  • Handling / processing cash transactions (Deposits and Withdrawals) from  Current and Saving accounts
  • Handling / processing foreign currency transactions (PTA / BTA – Form As and Domiciliary Accounts)
  • Handling / processing of others transactions like expense tickets, counter cheques, etc.
  • Handling and coordination of cash delivery and pick-up from customers’ locations
  • Handling and coordination of cash pick-ups from implant locations
  • Perform / Act as branch TI support staff
  • Performing back-up functions in handling / processing cheque deposits (Citibank and Other Banks)
  • Performing back-up functions in handling / processing of specialised products (Collections) –  FIRS, MultiChoice etc.
  • Vault Operations
  • Cash –In –Transit management
  • Supervision of Note Counters/Tellers

The following are the specific tasks and responsibilities of the Counter Service Head Teller/Funds Transfer Teller:

  • Ensure adequate working supply of cash is brought out from the vault each day and disburse cash to all tellers on request in line with procedure. Ensure all cash exchanges are properly documented.
  • Ensure all vault operations are done in joint custody with the Cash Officer/alternate as per policy.
  • Monitor cash on premises and ensure it does not exceed set limit. Any excess to be shipped to the vault immediately.
  • Ensure all customers’ requests/instructions are complete with proper documentation in line with applicable regulations and guidelines of Central Bank of Nigeria, tax laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, U.S anti-boycott and antimony laundering guidelines, Citigroup policy and local procedures.
  • Time-stamp (validate) and signature-verify all customers request and refer those that require callback/status approval to supervisor for action.
  • Ensure transactions are not processed for SDN names and sanctioned countries by checking the SDN list prior to processing transactions.
  • Report all qualifying transactions processed in line with existing NDLEA limits.
  • Ensure appropriate charges are applied as per bank’s charges list, applying concessions where applicable.
  • Process all customer requests within the standard turn-around time and without error (e.g. cheques encashment, cash deposits, cheque deposits, PTA/BTA purchase, etc.).
  • Ensure stated procedures and policies for all products are adhered to while processing.
  • Update Registers where required before processing/after processing.
  • Ensure all transactions processed during the day are fully authorized and there is no pending transaction left on the system before closing for the day.
  • Liaise with and monitor the activities of note counters – receive cash from the bulk-counting room for prompt processing.
  • Ensure all cash received and paid is properly accounted for by preparation of teller proof at the end of each day. Perform intermittent balancing during the day.
  • Tracking and report relevant metrics to MIS and other units.
  • Maintain appropriate confidentiality and security of customer and transactional information stored in any form (images, application files, databases, spreadsheets, papers, registers, files etc.) in line with local procedures and departmental designations. Ensure proper put-away procedures are observed at close of business and during any temporal absence from workstation.
  • Perform additional projects and responsibilities as assigned by branch  management.
  • Authorization of Clearing cheques on the CIS processing application.
  • Daily balancing of clearing sessions.

Business Relationships:

  • Internal: Highly frequent contact with Technology Infrastructure, Head Office, Cash Management Ops, Documentations, Citiservice, Treasury, Finance, and Relationship Management. Moderately frequent contact with Treasury Operations, Credit Administration and Up-country branches.
  • External: Highly frequent contact with Customers, and Teller Implant Locations

Specialized Skills/Experience:

  • Educational Requirement: Basic College Degree
  • Work Experience: 2 – 6 years
  • Personal Attributes:  Good Interpersonal/Communication Skills
  • Customer Focused
  • Neat/Smart Appearance
  • Analytical Mind/Proactive
  • Fast Learner
  • Meticulous and Accurate
  • High level of integrity/sense of responsibility
  • Job Challenges:   Error Free Processing
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Compliance with regulatory/institutional requirements
  • Processing within standard turnaround times
  • Commitment to customer satisfaction in a highly competitive industry
  • Preparation of reports with tight timelines
  • Weekend and public holiday work

Thinking Complexity:

  • Highly risky market with potential for fraud.
  • High level of manual processes.
  • Handling/supervising very large volumes of cash.

Exceptional candidates who do not meet these criteria may be considered for the role provided they have the necessary skills and experience.

Valuing Diversity: Demonstrates an appreciation of a diverse workforce. Appreciates differences in style or perspective and uses differences to add value to decisions or actions and organisational success.

How to Apply

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Application Closing Date: Not Specified.

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