Companies Paying ₦475,000 Monthly, Get Urgent Details!

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31 Jan, 2019

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This is to inform you that there is now an opportunity for Nigerian graduates to work in conjunction with multinational companies especially those based in the United States. You are paid for the various task assigned to you, some of which may include filling a form, promoting their offers on social media or through Google, making a purchase, completing a survey and many more.

This opportunity is designed to help cushion the effects of the terrible and embarrassing economic situation in Nigeria. It is sad to see that some graduates go home with salaries as low as ₦100,000 monthly, this is set to change with this opportunity.


This will largely depend on the tasks you complete, on the average; you can earn $50- $100 daily which is about ₦18,400 to ₦36,800. Do not assume these are large amounts of money as you earn more if you mop the floor at McDonald’s in the United States.

Qualification Criteria:

You must have a smart phone or computer

You must have access to the internet

Must apply and get approved by a CPA network

Must be able to spend 2-3 hrs. online daily

Must have good writing skills

Must be dedicated and available to start immediately

Must be ready to undergo a training

What kind of companies would I be promoting their offers?

You will have the opportunity to work with and promote offers of companies like Walmart, Uber, Best Buy, Godaddy, Domaindish, Hostgator , Airbnb, Qatar airways, Amazon and many more.

How soon are you paid?

We will recommend a formally private network that pays out every week for the task carried out the previous week, which means you no longer have to wait for such a long time to get paid!!!

Where are the payments sent?

Payments are sent directly to your Nigerian bank account

Is there any proof that others have made it?

Absolutely!!!  A blind man cannot lead others; you will probably end up in the ditch following a clueless team, we have been successful at this and would love to help others, here is a link to payment proof

Is the money virtual or real cash?

The payments are sent directly to your bank accounts weekly which means this is real cash payments; you should take advantage and try for at least a week to understand exactly how it works

Are Nigerians eligible?

Yes, this is a network that is confirmed to pay Nigerians, so there is nothing to worry about.

How to apply:

Very important!!!

To learn more on how it works, you will click the link below and submit your profile, AN EMAIL WILL BE SENT IMMEDIATELY READ AND FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS.