Computer Warehouse Group Recruits Inventory Officer

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6 Sep, 2011

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Opening:  Inventory Officer

Location:  Lagos

Company:  Computer Warehouse Group Limited

Last Modified:  31.03.2011

Position Details:


  • The job entails tracking and replenishing items in the store or warehouse. It involves assisting the inventory manager to ensure that inventory levels stay within appropriate stock policy of the organization. The inventory clerk tracks all of the products in a company. This includes items that the business sells, as well as any office supplies or other products related to operation.

There are several specific duties an inventory clerk performs regularly.


  • The inventory officer must ensure that inventory can be reached and shipped quickly by organizing the inventory in the most efficient and accessible manner.

Controlling Shrinkage

  • Inventory officer has the responsibility of minimizing shrinkage by ensuring that inventory is not stolen, destroyed, lost or counted incorrectly.


  • An inventory officer performs regular audits on incoming and outgoing inventory. He compares on-hand inventory, sales orders, computer records and order forms to ensure all procedures and guidelines are followed. Investigations are occasionally launched to determine the source of an inventory discrepancy.


  • The creation and maintenance of inventory lists is a responsibility of the inventory officer. He details any inventory shortages and keeps an overall inventory balance and master list for easy reference. Proper company procedure must be followed as part of the recording process.


  • This requires that items and goods to be sent out are correctly packed, addressed and sent according to the specification on the requisition. This role demands a good knowledge of transport, courier and postal service procedures.


  • The inventory officer is required on the job to receive and document merchandise as it arrives at the warehouse. This includes unpacking, counting, recording and stocking goods for the store.
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