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3 Jul, 2018

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International Jobs in Nigeria

DevTech Systems, Inc. (DevTech) is an international consulting firm and small business dedicated to development, with over 30 years of experience providing advisory services and technical assistance to government, private sector, and civil society stakeholders in more than 100 countries. We are a data driven organization that specializes in informing policy making by delivering focused data-driven evidence-based analysis products and services. DevTech core practice areas include: Economic and Data analysis, Monitoring and Evaluation, Education and Youth Development, Gender and Inclusive Development, and Public Financial Management.

We are recruiting to fill the position below:

Job Title: Operations Manager
Job Type: Full Time


  • In October 2016, USAID/Nigeria awarded DEVTECH Systems Inc. the Support for Strategic Information and Program Management Services (S4SIPMS) Project in support of the HIV/AIDS, TB Program in Nigeria.  The Project also supports the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) efforts to make strategic investments in quality programming that yield greater impact on saving lives and improving the health status of people living with HIV.  This award is a response to requirements set out by the Office of the Global AIDS Coordinator (OGAC).
  • For USAID/Nigeria’s Office of HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis (TB) to accomplish its charge in the fight against HIV/AIDS, the Mission team was tasked with supporting the strengthening of the Nigerian national health system through the use of Site Improvement through Monitoring Systems (SIMS).
  • SIMS continuously monitors and assesses sites receiving PEPFAR funding to ensure effective quality program implementation, and the adherence to national and international standards and accountability.  This impact would come through achieving the objectives below:

Planning and Conducting SIMS Assessments:

  • Support for all data collection, analysis, reporting and quality improvement (QI) needs through the use of the SIMS tools;
  • Support the management and application of SIMS assessments per the Office of the Global AIDS Coordinator (OGAC) requirements; and
  • Promote a quality management/quality improvement (QM/QI) approach to service delivery and process

Capacity Building for Data Use:

  • Increase the capacity of implementing partners (IPs) and strengthen the Mission’s capacity to utilize SIMS data for continuous quality improvement and program monitoring

Synthesize Evaluation Lessons and Analyze to determine Policy Implications:

  • Increase proper documentation, recording, data demand and use; and
  • Foster country ownership and sustainability for program improvement and services delivery through data us


  • DevTech is seeking a local Operations Manager to support the Director of Operations in the management of Country Office Operation activities, for the Support for Strategic Information and Project Management Services (S4SIPMS).
  • The Operations Manager position is vital to ensuring the smooth functioning of the project office, assisting management in supervising administrative staff, and ensuring compliance with USAID regulations.
  • Key areas include facilities management, procurement oversight, development and monitoring of contracts and sub-agreements, office fleet management, events organizing, and assisting the Director of Operations with various administrative tasks.
  • Additionally, the Operations Manager will manage the operational aspects of the project’s human resources and security.
  • He/she will ensure activities in the Regional Offices comply with project and USAID policies. This will be a full-time position with benefits, based in Abuja, Nigeria. Only Nigerian applicants will be considered.

Specific Duties & Responsibilities
Administrative Management:

  • Ensure that security policy documents are kept up to date and coordinate across departments as needed to ensure that security practices are followed.
  • Assist the Director of Operations in vendor source selection, subcontracts and purchase orders, blanket purchase agreements, and ensuring timely delivery of purchased items in accordance with DevTech and USAID policies and procedures.
  • Proactively address the procurement needs of the office and ensure compliance with USAID regulations and project procurement policies;
  • Provide oversight to the Logistics Officer
  • Work with the Director of Operations to ensure procurement tracking systems for the FO are being followed;
  • Provide oversight to Regional Office Managers in their procurement and office management activities including reviewing of procurement documents before they are submitted to the Finance unit;
  • Work with administration team to ensure that office inventory tracking system is kept up to date;
  • Oversee maintenance of office administrative systems and filing systems;
  • Assist in the preparation, receipt, distribution, and filing of incoming and outgoing written project communication with USAID, the home office, local partner organizations and other parties, where appropriate;
  • Assist the Director of Operations in completing reporting requirements to USAID;
  • Ensure staff compliance with administrative/office procedures and update project procedures manual as necessary;
  • Update project operational forms and templates to comply with USAID and DevTech policies;
  • Ensuring traveling consultants are greeted upon arrival in the office and are allocated space and furnished with necessary resources immediately;
  • Responsible for physical layout of the office and ensuring adequate work space for staff members;
  • Responsible for office closure at the end of the work day and supervising the office guard service contract;
  • Ensure project is receiving effective services by monitoring office and residential lease agreements, equipment service contracts, and other relationships with outside vendors that are related to office facilities, services or equipment; suggest and make improvements where needed;
  • Proactively address physical maintenance issues or equipment maintenance issues in the office through close consultation with Logistics Officer;
  • Enhance and monitor project office systems and procedures along with management and finance staff;
  • Ensure efficient functioning of the Server room and IT equipment.
  • Serve as a contact for the Home Office on issues related to the project office;
  • Organize project events as needed through close consultation with Logistics Officer.

Human Resources Management:

  • Support the Country Office HQ recruiter and management team to hire, train, and supervise local professional or support staff as required;
  • Assist to manage human resources activities under the project, including the recruitment and hiring of personnel;
  • Analyze candidate materials and recommend salary offers to supervisor in accordance with USAID salary scales and project policies;
  • Oversee the identification, selection, recruitment, training, and orientation of staff and consultants required for the execution of project activities in Abuja and the Regional Offices;
  • Coordinate new employee setup within S4SIPMS, ensuring relevant individuals within Operations are notified of new employee to set up work space, e-mail account and appropriate materials/equipment before they resume work;
  • Serve as the key liaison for all short-term consultants in the submission of their materials for payment, reviewing expense reports, timesheets and deliverables to verify with technical team counterpart;
  • Ensure compliance with Nigerian legislation in all activities related to hiring and management of personnel;
  • Manage annual performance evaluation timeline and process;
  • Ensure compliance with DevTech policy as it relates to personnel issues;
  • Maintain leave tracker, receive leave requests from staff, and ensure leave requests are promptly filed;
  • Oversee the field office life insurance provision for local staff by ensuring new forms are collected for new employees and complete list sent to the insurance company;
  • Liaising with the local Insurance company to ensure that staff are enrolled for the group life insurance;
  • Submit copies of long-term and short-term employment agreements to the home office for creation of employee numbers;
  • Administer the training funds allowed through the home office and identify opportunities for staff to utilize their training funds outside of office trainings;
  • Ensure all long-term employees are enrolled in the Employee Pension Scheme.

Related Requirements:

  • Ability to work in a professional and cordial manner with fellow S4SIPMS staff, implementing and cooperating partners, and relevant NGOs and government agencies;
  • Ability to work with counterpart on the MEL Activity to ensure seamless management of joint DevTech functions
  • Ability to work independently with minimal supervision, to be able to accept and discharge substantial responsibilities, to prioritize work assignments, to meet deadlines, and to exercise professional judgment;
  • Produce work products in conformity with S4SIPMS and clients’ standards;
  • Communicate information in a way that demonstrates a basic understanding of development assistance work, DevTech culture, values, and practices, and the specific scope and nature of the S4SIPMS project.
  • Demonstrate maturity, dependability, integrity, and initiative to learn competencies and skills required for the job assignment;
  • Promote a work environment that emphasizes teamwork, respect for differences, and accepting and giving constructive feedback;
  • Any other administrative tasks as assigned by supervisor.

Qualifications and Experience

  • BSc degree in Business Administration, Management, Accounting, or related field.
  • A minimum of 5 years of experience with international development project administrative and financial systems, knowledge of start-up and close-out, and general project office operations;
  • Strong organizational and work prioritization skills, strong attention to detail;
  • Ability to work both independently and as part of a team;
  • Demonstration of leadership, versatility, and integrity;
  • Experience working with and an excellent understanding of USAID regulations;
  • Strong computer spreadsheet and word processing skills;
  • Sound management, contracting, budgeting, and administrative skills.
  • Experience in Nigeria strongly preferred.

Interested and qualified candidates should: Click here to apply


Job Title: Ag Policy Evaluation Team Lead – STTA
Job Type: Full Time

Scope of Work

  • The Team Leader will be responsible for the overall management of the evaluation, including coordinating and packaging the deliverables.
  • The Team Leader will develop the outline for the draft report, present the report, and after incorporating USAID/Nigeria staff comments, submit the final report to USAID/Nigeria through DevTech Systems Inc within the prescribed timeline. In addition to the responsibilities outlined above, the Team Leader will be responsible for the following:


  • Finalize and negotiate with USAID/Nigeria the team’s work plan.
  • Establish assignment roles, responsibilities, and tasks for each team member.
  • Ensure that the logistics arrangements in the field are complete.


  • Take the lead on preparing, coordinating team member input, submitting, revising and finalizing the assignment report.
  • Manage the process of report writing.
  • Manage team coordination meetings in the field.
  • Coordinate the workflow and tasks and ensure that team members are adhering to the schedule.


  • Ensure harmony within the team.
  • Serve as primary interface with USAID/Nigeria and serve as the spokesperson for the team.
  • Debrief USAID/Nigeria as the evaluation progresses and organize a final debriefing.
  • Keep USAID/Nigeria apprised of progress challenges, work changes, team travel plans in the field, and report preparation via phone conversation or email at least once a week.
  • Serve as primary interface with USAID/Nigeria for the submission of draft and final reports, and deliverables to USAID/Nigeria.
  • Make decisions in conjunction with USAID/Nigeria about the safety and security of the team.


  • Assume technical direction lead, as required, in order to ensure quality and appropriateness of assignment and report content.

Deliverables, Level of Effort, & Schedule
The Team Lead will be responsible for the following deliverables:

  • Document Review Summary and proposed outline of draft evaluation report (either prior to the field or at the end of first week of interviewing).
  • Detailed Work Plan detailing evaluation methodological approach and draft schedule of field activities and draft and final questionnaire(s) to be used during interviews (prior to travel to the field).
  • Summary of initial findings, including a PowerPoint Briefing (at the end of follow‐up and synthesis effort and prior to Team’s departure from Nigeria).
  • Draft Evaluation Report.
  • A summary of “key steps in the evaluation, key findings, recommendations and next steps” and a PowerPoint presentation of these.
  • Final Evaluation Report (within two weeks of receiving Mission comments on draft report).
  • The Team Lead will have 55 days LOE for all evaluation activities.

Qualifications & Experience Requirements

  • A graduate degree in Development Economics, Public Policy, Economics, Business Administration, Agriculture, or a related field.
  • At least ten (10) years of experience assessing or evaluating USAID-supported agricultural policy and agricultural value chain activities.
  • Previous experience serving as an evaluation Team Leader on a USAID-supported agricultural policy activity.
  • Previous experience working in Africa.
  • Experience facilitating and providing leadership in collaborative and participatory evaluations with multiple stakeholders.
  • Excellent writing, communication and presentation skills.
  • The ability to produce preliminary and final reports on time

Interested and qualified candidates should: Click here to apply


Job Title: Ag Policy Evaluation Specialist – STTA
Job Type: Full Time

Scope of Work
The Evaluation Specialist will work closely with the Team Lead and the evaluation team to:

  • Plan the logistics of the evaluation field work; the team will conduct individual interviews with FtF Nigeria Agricultural Policy Activity stakeholders who are identified in the target areas and groups section of this SOW.
  • Facilitate focus group discussions (roundtables). These group discussions will seek to answer the evaluation questions and bring together stakeholders involved with the project.
  • Review available information to identify information gaps and refine data collection tasks accordingly.
  • Design data collection instruments for individual interviews and focus group discussions.
  • Design discussion guides for stakeholder roundtables.
  • Develop a detailed work plan for USAID approval.

Technical Responsibilities
For this evaluation, the Evaluation Specialist will:

  • Review all background documents and preparation work, as provided by USAID/Nigeria’s Economic Growth and Environment (EGE) Office.
  • Conduct information and data collection activities (key informant interviews and focus group discussions) in Abuja and throughout Nigeria, as determined by USAID and the Team Lead, and as guided by the work plan and data collection tools.
  • Upload interview notes to the Agriculture Policy Evaluation SharePoint within 24 hours of completion of interview/discussion.
  • Contribute to the development of the draft evaluation report, incorporating feedback from USAID/Nigeria and the MEL team.
  • Support in the preparation and presentation of preliminary findings/exit brief to USAID/Nigeria’s EGE Office.
  • Contribute to the development of final evaluation report, and consideration and inclusion of USAID’s feedback until USAID/Nigeria’s EGE Office accepts and approves the final version of the evaluation report.
  • Contribute to the development of the 2-3 page summary of the evaluation methodology, findings, conclusions, and recommendations.
  • Use the MEL Activity’s internal SharePoint for all evaluation materials management to ensure safety and integrity of MEL’s intellectual property
  • Deliverables, Level Of Effort, & Schedule
  • Prepare for and attend team planning meetings and in-brief with USAID, including contributing to the development of the in-brief PowerPoint presentation (in accordance with USAID ADS Style and Format Guide).
  • Contribute to the development and revisions of workplan and data collection tools, including pre-testing and revisions, as directed by the Team Lead, based on the background review documents and the in-brief with USAID.
  • Support in planning and arranging logistics for the field work, including reaching out to and scheduling interviews with stakeholders, identifying suitable stakeholders for interviews, and ensuring meeting locations.
  • Incorporate USAID and MEL team feedback into the workplan and data collection tools, as necessary and to the satisfaction of USAID/Nigeria.

The Evaluation Specialist will be responsible for supporting the following deliverables:

  • Document Review Summary and proposed outline of draft evaluation report (either prior to the field or at the end of first week of interviewing).
  • Detailed Work Plan detailing evaluation methodological approach and draft schedule of field activities and draft and final questionnaire (s) to be used during interviews (prior to travel to the field).
  • Summary of initial findings, including a PowerPoint Briefing (at the end of follow up and synthesis effort and prior to Team’s departure from Nigeria).
  • Draft Evaluation Report.
  • A summary of “key steps in the evaluation, key findings, recommendations and next steps” and a PowerPoint presentation of these.
  • Final Evaluation Report (within two weeks of receiving Mission comments on draft report).
  • The Evaluation Specialist will have 46 days LOE for all evaluation activities.

Qualifications & Experience Requirements

  • Must possess a Bachelors Degree in Agriculture, Agricultural Policy, Agribusiness, Economics, or related field.
  • Minimum five (5) years relevant experience and strong logistics and planning skills including experience with data collection, surveys, and statistical analysis.
  • Proven experience in organizational capacity building and assessment.
  • Proven strong experience with data collection procedures, surveys, and analysis of data using statistical analysis tools.

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  • This job posting should not be construed to imply that the requirements are the exclusive standards of the position nor will it be the sole basis for any subsequent employee evaluations. Incumbents will follow any other instructions and perform any other related duties as may be required by their supervisor.
  • All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment and will not be discriminated against on the basis of race, colour, religion, sex, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, protected veteran status, or other status protected by applicable law.