Earn ₦350,000 Monthly Using Your Facebook Account

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19 Jun, 2017

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Work for American companies and get paid in dollars while still in Nigeria

Earn up to ₦350,000 monthly paid in US dollars by just using your Facebook

Would you prefer to go to work and earn peanuts or

Sit at home and earn ₦25,000 daily paid in US dollars?

Train online and convert your Facebook account from entertainment tool to a cash machine guaranteed!!!

Here is an opportunity to work for companies in American and be paid from the comfort of your home.

These companies significantly reward you for performing simple task and obviously you get paid in US Dollars. While it is obvious you cannot approach companies like Microsoft, Vonage, Qatar airlines, Ladbrokes, Wal-Mart and others directly you can easily get access to them and have them pay you monthly through companies known as CPA networks

Start our aggressive and interactive online training which will show you how to earn a minimum of $65 daily.

This training is not free (ridiculously cheap) and there is a guarantee that on your first lesson you will earn $65 (₦25,000).

You will learn how to use your Facebook account to generate the required traffic and get paid in dollars.

It is very EASY!

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