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29 Jun, 2012

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Description of the organisation:
ASF France is an association governed by the French law of the 1st of July 1901. It assembles around the values common to lawyers, legal experts and other professional determined to act to ensure the respect and development of the fundamental rights.

ASF France aims to:
– contribute to the effective application of the Human Rights universally recognized, by ensuring the defence of any person deprived of access to a free and independent lawyer;
– operate wherever it may prove useful and necessary to the introduction and reinforcement of the rule of law, of the legal institution and especially of the right to benefit of a fair trial and an effective defence;
– defend the lawyers and Human Rights defenders that are victims of threats or aggressions of any nature due to their professional practice.
To this end, it uses all the means at its disposal and may seize any national or international institution, be it jurisdictional or not, and intervene before them, including through the constitution of civil parties before the competent jurisdiction.

Mission :
– To evaluate the project « United Nation Convention Against Torture Promotion and Implementation for its full enjoyment by the Nigerian civil society».
– A 36-month project funded by the European Commission and the Embassy of Switzerland in Nigeria
The complete terms of reference are available on Avocats Sans Frontieres France website at the following address :
If you have any difficulties in downloading the terms of reference, please contact:
the ASF France Programme Officer for Africa [email protected]
the Head of Mission in Nigeria
[email protected]
Candidate profile ———————————————————————-
The evaluator is an expert with a legal background and proved experience of work in the justice sector, notably in Africa.
He/she has a proved knowledge of project cycle (conception, implementation and above all evaluation) in the frame of international solidarity on justice issues.
He/she finally justifies of a sufficient practice of project evaluation.
The evaluator needs to have a good knowledge of English and to be able to work in that language. A working knowledge of French is an asset. A working knowledge of the local languages of Pidgin English, Hausa, Ibo and Yoruba is an asset as well.
He/she must not have worked or collaborated with ASF France in any way.
Background: Education in Law or social sciences. Proven work experience in the field of evaluation.

Contract period: The evaluation is to be undertaken in September/October 2012.
Contract Amount: The amount available for this evaluation is €6,000. This includes all fees linked to the evaluation mission (national and/or international travel, per diems, insurance, and any other allied costs)
The following documents are to be sent as soon as possible. The applications will be studied upon reception and the position will be granted in case a relevant application appears without waiting for further delay.
Resumé + Cover letter + methodology documents.
Contacts :
[email protected] / [email protected]
Please indicate «application External Evaluation PROCAT Nigeria » in the subject line of the message.

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