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21 Jul, 2010

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Brewery Jobs in Nigeria

Diageo has more than 20,000 talented people working with us to grow our business and nurture our brands. We have a guiding purpose – to celebrate life every day, everywhere, which permeates our work. We want our people to thrive at Diageo and are committed to their professional and personal development and to simply ensuring that Diageo is a great place to work. Guness Nigeria recruits Utilities Technician

Job Title: Utilities Technician
Level: L7 (G5, G6, G7)
Reports To: Services Engineer

The Utilities Technicians are responsible for operating, cleaning and maintaining their plant and equipment to meet the increasing volume and quality demands in a reliable and cost efficient manner. They will report to the Shift Manager or Services Engineer, as appropriate.
Significant impact on raw material, component and utility costs and production, quality, rework and labour costs.
Market Complexity
The Nigerian beverage market is complex with many competitors and a strong quality, cost and delivery focus. Need to constantly reduce production cost, while maintaining high quality and delivery to become Number 1.

Purpose of Role:

To maintain (inspect and adjust) and repair line equipment proactively as per maintenance targets in order to continually improve line efficiency, to optimise equipment availability and to minimise losses and risk.

To produce Guinness products at customer service levels, quality conformance and within budget.

To apply technical, process, continuous improvement and individual/team development skills to optimise overall brewery improvement and plant performance.

To adopt a safe and professional approach to all aspects of the role as an individual/team player.

Principal Accountabilities:

Provide a comprehensive production service on plant and equipment to which they are primarily allocated: operating and cleaning, carrying out maintenance schedules on their plant, responding to breakdowns, assessing & monitoring plant performance on an ongoing basis and attending to all other process duties in a timely manner.

Adhere to GNPLC policy and procedures for safety, health, environment and hygiene to ensure a safe and efficient operating environment. Utilise and apply safe systems of working and pro-actively seek opportunities to improve work environment.

Deliver best possible plant operation by maximising plant availability and efficiency of operation through execution of Planned Preventative Maintenance schedules.

Optimise product quality, through continuous observation and attention to detail, delivering RFT on quality and control parameters. Respond to non-conformances in a timely manner to keep process on track. Apply, record & share learning’s to prevent re-occurrence.

Manage materials and spares required by their plant and equipment.

Qualifications and Experience Required:

3 years experience/competence in Operations, Maintenance, Process Control and Performance Measurement in a brewery or drinks or food manufacturing environment.

Ideally have an appropriate qualification in Brewing, Packaging, Engineering or Utilities (as appropriate) and/or a nationally recognised technical qualification.

Demonstrate detailed understanding of Permit to Work system and GNPLC SHE policies, statutory requirements and responsibilities.

Demonstrate understanding of teamwork principles, continuous improvement, preventative maintenance and problem solving.

Respond to change in a positive and flexible manner and sustain a positive outlook across a range of situations/challenges.

Positive attitude to own development and looks for opportunities to help others learn and develop.

Technical principles
PLC principles
Utility services principle and processes
SHE principles and procedures

Barriers to Success in Role:

Skill level inadequate to successfully operate and maintain both new and ageing assets and technology.

Lack of personal flexibility to function in a tightly manned manufacturing environment with volatile production and sales demand.

Displacing entrenched practices with a WCM vision and culture.

Poor inclination to pursue training and development on an individual and team basis or to share and apply new skills acquired.

Flexible working options:

Brewery based in Nigeria.

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