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20 Jul, 2011

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DFID NIGERIA is responsible for managing the British Government’s contribution to development in Nigeria, with the objective of supporting governments at federal and state level to reduce poverty in order to achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).
DFID has invested substantially in three key focus states in the north Kaduna, Kano and Jigawa with a Set of Governance, Education and Health programmes designed to work together. PFID is also engaged in other states in Northern Nigeria, in a twin strategy of supporting state government reforms, and working on human development challenges. Following this year’s elections we will expand- our engagement substantially in 3 further northern states, creating 6 key focus states in the north in total.
JOB TITLE: STATE REPRESENTATIVE – a band staff appointed in country (SAIC)
As a State Representative, you will lead on developing and maintaining OFID relationships with key actors within states, in both government and civil society. You will also play a crucial role in overseeing OFIO’s programmes in states, working with 0 molt disciplinary team of advisers to:
1)  Hold DFID programmes in specified northern Nigerian states accountable for improved delivery and identification of result, including:  
• Improving evidence on, and understanding of, programme performance
• Provide advice, support, encouragement and oversight to drive delivery
2)  Maximise political engagement in those states to support programmes to deliver through:
• Developing relationships with, and improving understanding of, key actors in each state
• Deepening understanding of the political and reform environment in each state
• Leveraging knowledge and connections to support programme delivery
1)  Build the knowledge and evidence to hold progrommes and state governments  account for delivery: 
• Maintain basic  demographic and poverty data for each state.
• Lead on egreeing appropriate high level coordination structure with government
• Lead multi disciplinary advisory team to conduct bi-annual state level reviews
• Lead on agreeing mous Results Frameworks. Results Framework indicators will need to be agreed across the relevant range of partners and stakeholders.
• Lead on agreeing appropriate high level coordination ,structures with government e.g. State Steering Committees. • Monitor effectiveness of structures against agree, ToRs and DFID monitoring requiremenls.
• Represent DFID to other donors where appropriate (e.g. joint MOUs).
• Lead multi-disciplinary advisory teams to conduct bi-annual Sate Level Review (SlRs) of progress against the re5ults framework and the reform environment.
2)  Agree and deliver a state level political engagement strategy to support programme delivery:
• Ensure DFIO has on effective range of interlocutors at political and official level this is likely to in include:
• The top 5 champions of change with whom we work (likely to be a priority for SL visits)
• The top 10 influencers in the 5tate e.g. people around the governor who have both positive and negative influence on the success of development efforts.
• The top 20 officials, non-traditional leaders and non-government leaders who are the most Important stakeholders in DFIO’s portfolio of projects in the given state.
• Identify opportunities to engage with government to maximise DFIO’s technical support.
3)  Oversee slate level delivery through programmes, working closely with relevant OFID advisers
• Make regular visits to states, including ottendance (.t monthly SLP !programme coordination meetings, field visils, and calls on government.
• Ensure Big Common Impact Areas (BClAs) are finalised, agreed with DFID and a monitoring mechanism is in ploce.
• Ensure state level programmes ere maximising coordination opportunities to deliver results.
4)   Mitigate risk to programme delivery and communicate issues effectively 
• Highlight risks to DFID programmes and mitigation strategies through dear, action orientated ST.
• Produce concise bi-annual reports on state level progress within 3 days of completion of field visits.
• Liaise with other parts of HMO. where appropriate,
As a State Representative you will cover 2 states, though this may change depending on the level of engagement required. You will be based in DFlD’s Kano office and report to the Head of DFID Northern Nigeria. Administrative support will be provided by an officer reporting to the Deputy Head, allowing you to focus on delivery.
This post is open to senior people who con demonstrate the ability to successfully perform the role.
Personal Qualities and Skills Required (Person Specification) 
• Strong influencing skills
• Strong communication skills
• Evidence of leadership skills
• Demonstrated capacity to work with partner governments and agencies
• Demonstrated capacity to work in multi-disciplinary teams
• Analysis and Use of Information: 
Breaking down and simplifying complex data, policy documents and similar information will be a key task for the successful candidate. The appointed, should be able to assess and interpret information in order to identify the main issues for attention and to inform technical and non-technical colleagues.
• Planning and Delivery of Work: 
The successful candidate needs to ensure that tasks are done to the required standard, meeting the required deadlines. They need to plan their work to meet individual, team and office-wide objectives while achieving high quality and value for money
• Communication with others: 
An important requirement for this position is the ability to communicate dearly orally and in writing, using appropriate language. The successful candidate must have the ability to communicate to a diverse audience, including externally to DFID partners and internally to colleagues/staff.
• Influencing: 
The successful candidate will work effectively with a wide range of stakeholders, including Government officials, civil society groups, programme contractors/service providers, traditional and religious leaders as well as other donnors. The successful candidate will need to be proficient In building good working relationships, providing a platform for partnership, guidance for implementation, acceptance and support for DFID Programmes.
•  Working with Others:
The DFID Office in Kana is Q multicultural team, with Nigerian and UK staff members. The successful candidate will have the cultural sensitivity, team spirit and disposition to work in a multicultural and multidisciplinary team. They need to be able to maintain a good working relationship and respect differing opinions. S/he must have the capacity to build excellent relationships with a range of external partners and interlocutors.
DFID offers a competitive salary and benefit package. The successful candidate will be appointed within DFID’s ‘A’ band, starting salaries are from 8,1 23, 724 Naira  to 14,218,752 Naira per annum the exact level will b”, determined based on the candidate’s relevant experience and seniority.
The appointment will be on a fixed term contract of 3 years with the possibility of extension at the end of the term.
The anticipated start date is September 2011.
1) If you are Interested In applying for this position please send on email to Nse Alawani at  [email protected]  to obtain the application form.
Your completed application form should also be sent to [email protected] 
2) The closing date for applications is 25th July, 2011. Under no circumstances will applications be accepted after this date.
DFID is an Equal Opportunities employer. Applications are welcomed from all part of the community, (and we actively encourage interest from women, ethnic minority groups and those with disabilities. Selection is on merit.
Only short listed candidates will be contacted

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