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8 Jun, 2018

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Management Jobs in Nigeria

MAX is on a mission to fix Africa’s notorious last-mile delivery and online-retail problems by using mobile and web platforms to connect consumers, retail businesses and independent drivers in real-time. We are eliminating all logistics and technology barriers that have historically prevented retail businesses in Africa from realizing their full potential.

We are recruiting to fill the position below:

Job Title: Asset Management Officer
: Lagos

Job Brief

  • The Asset Management officer provides and maintains a comprehensive asset management store for MAX.
  • In addition, they provide development related services to MAX in furtherance of its corporate objectives.

Job Description

  • Overseeing asset management and ensure longevity and maximum use of all assets:
    • Ensure optimum use of all our assets by champions. For example, ensure that each bike/rider delivers a certain sum or more per day thereby maximizing it’s use in the organization.
    • Ensure regular checks on all assets to ensure their longevity and maximum use.
  • Keep track of quality, quantity, stock levels, delivery times, of all assets at all times:
    • Take stock of assets when they are purchased and ensure that they are properly stored and kept until they are needed.
    • Update Asset Management Store as at when due and ensure that all assets are duly updated when new ones are purchased and when any is taken from the store for use.
    • Monitor and track asset levels and escalate the need for more assets when the organization lacks the necessary tools needed for champions to work.
    • Forecast future asset needs and request for assets when needed.
  • Daily update the MAXHire Purchase remittance Sheet and handle the champion asset store properly and at all times:
    • Ensure that the champions daily remittance sheet is updated daily
    • Ensure the champions daily remittance sheet is daily used to track payments and defaulters and ensure all defaulters are followed up until payments are made from them.
    • Enforce payment of daily remittance by all champions. You are required to track all champion payments and ensure that they make all payments required by them by all means. Please note that no champion is required to owe the organization and anyone who owes after two days should not be permitted to work.
  • Ensure scheduled maintenance on all assets:
    • Ensure that all assets especially phones, bikes and tricycles are properly maintained based on a certain planned and agreed schedule
    • Ensure that there is no downtime on any asset available.
    • Ensure all regular asset inspections across all fleet. All asset must be properly inspected and ready for use the next working day.
  • Manage and execute asset contracts:
    • Ensure that all asset contracts are given to all champions and properly enforced.
    • Ensure that all signed asset contracts are properly documented on behalf of all champions in the system.
  • Vehicle Registration:
    • Ensure that all asset papers are properly gotten for all bikes.
    • Ensure that all bikes and MAX fleet are properly registered with the appropriate agency and that all champions have the required papers and required by law.
  • Ensure that there is a signed agreement between all vendors and MAX regarding all assets and supplies made by the vendor (Bikes, helmets, shirts etc)
  • Initiate and manage Insurance on all our assets on behalf of the organization
  • Ensure that the branding of all MAX fleet is done properly, effectively and as at when due.
  • Ensure that daily reports are sent to the CEO on assets on where we are and were we need to be.


  • Time to resolve issues – Not more than 24 hours to when the issue is reported
  • No of assets with issues per month as a % of fleet – Zero number of issues per month
  • Individual Asset Lifespan
  • Issue Repeat per asset within 3 months of fix
  • Maintenance Regularity
  • Recidivism per Engineer
  • Vehicle registration time


Job Title: Welfare Analyst

Job Description

  • Increase Champion retention:
    • Gather qualitative retention data by conducting and analyzing champion surveys and/or stay interviews.
    • Build champion network and committees that will help build an ever-growing community amongst champions.
    • Serve as a champion ambassador to collate information from champions and provide feedback to management on issues that can be resolved to increase retention. E.g. Salary issues, payment, remittance discrepancy issues must be properly escalated and solved.
    • Ensures that the champion onboarding process is very welcoming and pleasant for all new hired champions.
    • Continuously determine ways to increase the champion retention in the organization.
    • implementing recognition and appreciation programs across the organization
  • Increase the number of daily active champions that are in the system by appropriately attending to their requests at all times and follow through to ensure that their requests are attended to and sorted.
  • Track and maintain champion records: All champion documentation must be properly tracked, recorded and maintained. All champion documents must be properly kept in hard copy and must be compulsorily scanned into the system at all times thereby also maintaining a soft copy. Eg. Next of Kin, Addresses, Phone Numbers, Addresses, Pictures in App, ID Cards.
  • Educate champion on contracts: Ensure that all champions are properly educated on all contracts (Asset, offer etc). All champions before signing any contract must understand the contract before signing.
  • Enforce and collect fees for HMO, Group Life and Accident, other forms of insurance enforced: The welfare team is responsible for ensuring that all fees are collected from champions in a manner that does not suggest rudeness.
  • Track and respond to all champion personal events. E.g. Leave, births, deaths, accidents, birthdays, maternity etc.- Champions personal celebration dates must be properly documented and tracked at all times and all champions must be duly celebrated no matter how minute. This can be done through phone call, sms, visitations etc.
  • Conduct Champion Exit Interviews: The team determines why champions leave the system by conducting appropriate exit interviews, collate feedback from exit interviews and provide recommendations based on feedback that has been gotten from the exit interviews collated.
  • Follow through on all champion emergency response issues. e.g. (Accidents, Harassments, Law Enforcement issues, Local Government issues)- When a champion has a law enforcement issue, this should be escalated to the right and appropriate channel and a follow through must be done to ensure that all issues are resolved.

Key Performance Indicator

  • Champ Churn and Retention Rates
  • Champion Downtime due to non-asset issues
  • Time to resolve issues.

How to Apply
Interested and qualified candidates should send their CV’s to: [email protected]

Application Deadline 13th June, 2018.

Anybody asking you to pay money to schedule your interview or offer you job may be a scam