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7 Nov, 2009

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Engineering Jobs in Nigeria

sevenupSeven Up Bottling Company Plc is one of the largest manufacturing companies in Nigeria. The company produces and distributes the favorite brands of soft drinks: Pepsi Mirinda Seven Up and Mountain Dew. These brands are popular and widely consumed across the length and breadth of Nigeria.  Seven Up is currently recruiting for a Preventive Maintenance – Mechanical Engineer. who is expected to report directly to the company’s Plant Manager

Job Summary

  • Ensure the satisfactory maintenance of plant machinery and production lines such that they are always in proper operational condition and perform at standard Capacity and efficiency.
  • Prepare and use Preventive Maintenance and Routine on each line and individual items of equipment of the operation for the benefit of improving the efficiency and quality status, on the processes and products.
  • Ensure that the computerized maintenance program is installed and implemented by the maintenance department.
  • Ensure all automatic operation of all units and machineries are maintained and functional, e.g. dosing pumps, washer jets, pump pressure, utilities etc.

Specific Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Plan and conduct predictive, routine and preventive maintenance, etc and maintain programme for all bottling equipment and facilities i.e air compressors, air conditioners, production lines and utility support services.
  • Install and implement the computerized maintenance management system to ensure effective and sustainable planning.
  • Analyse and review maintenance and production reports to highlight chronic persistent mechanical and electrical problem areas and direct corrective action to maximize efficiency and to minimize down time.
  • Train and organize engineering staff into well experienced shifts to efficiently handle mechanical and electrical breakdowns and routine maintenance in order to minimize time loss and improve efficiency.
  • Train with other manufacturing section/department in continually improving the working output and performance efficiencies of all machineries e.g. Washers, Fillers. Proportioner, Conveyors, Utilities, Quality Control and Sanitation.
  • Ensure machines performance, inadequacies or malfunctioning is continually improved upon, minimized or eliminated, e.g. Bottle breakages, shortfills, unlevels, beverage/syrup losses, etc.


  • Arrange teaming with relevant plant Departments/Units in ensuring team building in maintenance and QC processes.
  • Supervise the efficient stocking and usage of spare parts and consumables to minimize cost.
  • Control the allocation of repair tools and equipment and ensure that they are all handled properly and kept in good usage conditions.
  • Review and approve requisitions of necessary engineering-related equipment within the limits of the approved budget.
  • Weekly review of all engineering log books, job cards and other engineering records and ensure they are in good condition for any inspections or Factory Manager reviews.

Key Performance Objectives and Indicators

Objectives: Ensure the efficient operation and maintenance of all bottling machines, equipment and utilities at set parameters.


  • Computerized Maintenance Program Implementation efficiency
  • Machines performance and output efficiencies
  • Washer’s output/cleaning
  • Filler’s filling efficiency, etc.
  • Number of shutdowns resulting from engineering problems per period.
  • Average maintenance costs per month
  • Efficiency levels of bottling line and CO2 plant equipment and other equipment
  • Level of Breakages and unlevels on production line.

Work Guides & References

  • Mechanical Engineering Manual
  • Electrical Engineering Manual
  • Carbon dioxide, plant and machineries manual

Job Specifications:

  • Minimum Education: B.Sc. or H.N.D. in Mechanical Engineering
  • Membership of Council of Registered Engineers of Nigeria.

Minimum Experience: 5 Years performing engineering maintenance in a large Food/Beverage Company, 3 years of which must have been in a supervisory capacity.

Special Skills & Abilities:

  • Sound appreciation of factory engineering-tool design and maintenance.
  • Organizational ability
  • Analytical skills
  • Project management ability
  • Team building skills
  • Appreciative and emphatic disposition.

Application Method

Forward your completed CV directly to [email protected]

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