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5 Oct, 2010

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The Nestle International Marketing & Sales Trainee Programme is tailored to the abilities and experience of each candidate. However, in general the programme begins with a 2-4month orientation at our International Headquarters in Vevey

This initial phase aims to give you a clear understanding of the role of the Headquarters, and the way it works with Nestlé local markets. It will also introduce you to the specific product category that will be the basis of your expatriate assignment. During these first few months you’ll have the opportunity to network with many people who will be important contacts in your future work.

Once this familiarisation phase is over, you are ready to embark on your expatriate training period abroad. But regardless of where your first assignment takes place, all IMST participants are being trained for a global expatriate career.

Once on assignment, the fast-paced IMST programme really gets under way. The intensive in-market programme is designed to help you to get to know all the various departments that will contribute to your success in Marketing or Sales.

The training abroad, in general, is structured into three phases:

General Training
Marketing Training
Sales Training


As an in-market IMST your aim will be to familiarise yourself with all aspects of the specific local Nestlé operation. To facilitate this, you will be assigned to the following departments:

Finance & Control: key figures and key performance indicators; value drivers; budgeting process and sales price calculations.

Supply Chain & Information Systems: sales forecasting and production planning; stock management; transport services and cost; customer services and inter-market supply.

Production: Raw materials and manufacturing processes; capacity management; cost structure and the Nestlé Quality System (NQS).

Communications: Brand policy, visual properties and guidelines; market research, consumer insights, and competitor analysis; consumer services, complaints and recipe service; the media; communication partners.

Legal & Public Affairs: licensing agreements, brand protection and the World Health Organization (WHO) code.

During Marketing Training you will work in close collaboration with an experienced Consumer Marketing Manager who will help you gain an understanding of the following concepts:

Marketing Strategy: brand positioning and communications; preparing business plans built on the long-term strategic vision for different brands

Setting Objectives: determining targets, for example, volume, market share, profitability, distribution, and brand awareness

Production: understanding product profiles, packaging, raw materials, innovation and renovation, and the role of the Nestlé Product Technology Centres and R&D network

Communications: advertising, consumer promotions, sponsorship, working with our Communication Partners, preparing briefs.

Environment and Market Analysis: competitors, consumer/shopper research and insights, price point elasticity analysis and various market studies and methods.

Our Sales Training will give you a total overview of our whole sales operation and cover all the different sales channels. It includes several months work as a sales representative – to experience how the job functions, how to interact with trade customers, and how to be an integral part of the sales team. This training phase typically includes the following:

Sales administration: organization of sales force, incentives and trade spend.

Trade marketing: sales channel strategy and point of sale activities.

Category management: understanding categories and tools.

Key Account Management: familiarization with key accounts and the importance of key customers, wholesalers and retail chains, and other characteristics of retail/wholesale.

Regional Sales: the practical applications of sales in the division in which you may later be assigned a product.

Alternative Channels: Understanding the characteristics and potential of this sector.

IMST Career Development

Once you have successfully completed the IMST programme, many opportunities are open to you. Like our other international assigned employees, you’ll be asked to make a long-term commitment to carry out a series of 3 to 5 year assignments abroad, moving from one country to another. Like them, you will have the opportunity to work in many parts of the world, especially in emerging markets.

Assignments abroad enable you to develop an extensive knowledge of our global business, and a wider range of management skills. You will develop an in-depth understanding of cultural differences, and an insightful appreciation of how these differences affect business, social situations and consumer preferences. All of this gives you a privileged, yet responsible role within our group.

Due to the interactive relationship between the Sales & Marketing functions, your career path will probably take you from one to the other throughout your professional development.

Typically, you could become a Business Manager, Product Manager, Key Account Manager, or Consumer Marketing Manager – related to the consumer or to a specific customer channel. Or you may move into the area of Category Management or Trade Marketing.

Having acquired sufficient experience and demonstrated your capabilities, you would then be expected to take up a leadership position within the Group, i.e : Sales Manager, Marketing Manager, or Head of a business at national level, or at our International headquarters in Switzerland.

What the IMST offers you

For a start, a solid base for an exciting long-term career that will take you (and your family) from one place in the world to another, typically for a period of 3-5 years in each location. It is fair to say that an expatriate career within Nestlé is more than just a career, it is a lifestyle.

You’ll belong to a diverse yet select community of Nestlé expatriates, with constant opportunities to meet, work and share experiences with multicultural teams on an amazing variety of products and brands.

Specifically, we offer you the following:

A flexible career structure between marketing and sales activities
The chance, challenge and responsibility of implementing sales & marketing strategies during your assignments abroad in various markets
Continuous training and individual development to ensure that in your new position you adapt, progress quickly and succeed in a wide range of business areas.
Exchange of knowledge; involvement in many aspects of the company; plenty of contact with our own people and trade customers
Is an expatriate career right for you?

Our most successful international employees tend to share certain characteristics.

They are extremely flexible and mobile, and thrive in different working conditions. They generally have an open mind. They have an affinity for different cultures, and the effect these varied cultures has on them – both professionally and personally.

Since they move from one country to another every 3-5 years, they are able to adapt quickly and to take on responsibilities anywhere in the world. This is by no means an easy task, and is why our international expatriates tend also to have a great deal of social competence, and certainly a passion for what they do.

They have a strong team spirit, are good at communication, and have well-developed analytical and organizational skills. This is combined with entrepreneurial flair and an original creative mind. If all this sounds like you, and you are looking for a challenging, exciting and rewarding career that can take you round the world, then an international career as a IMST expatriate could be just right for you.

If you are fluent in English and two other major languages, have some practical work experience, then take the first step and apply for our IMST training.

We would like to hear from you.

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