Toyota Nigeria Graduate Recruitment 2011

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19 May, 2011

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Toyota brand was first introduced to Nigeria in 1965 by R. T. Briscoe, then its exclusive distributor. In 1976, the Federal Government of Nigeria cancelled exclusive distributorship and appointed four additional distributors in Nigeria; Baloni Nigeria Limited, Bao Motors, Elizade Nigeria Limited, and Nelphinco Nigeria Limited.

Toyota Nigeria Graduate Recruitment 2011

Ten years later, Toyota Motor Corporation Japan appointed SCOA Motors and Westex Motors as additional distributors because of poor perfomance by some government appointed distributors; at this time the country was passing through a phase of economic transformation that led to the ruling government adopting an economic Structural Adjustment Program (SAP) to stabilize the system. This led to major changes in the Nigerian business environment.

By 1995 R. T. Briscoe, Elizade, SCOA Motors and Westex Motors were the only surviving distributors for Toyota Motors Corporation, Japan. A year later, in 1996, Toyota Motors Corporation decided to revert to sole distributorship option, owing to rivalry and aggressive competition between the four distributors. Thereafter, SCOA Motors and Westex Motors ceased to be distributors for Toyota.

In 1996 Toyota (Nigeria) Limited (TNL) started operations as the exclusive distributor for Toyota with the following ownership formula: R.T Briscoe holding 51 percent shares, Elizade Nigeria Limited holding 40 percent and EAC holding nine percent, EAC (majority shareholder in R.T Briscoe Plc) divested its operations in Africa ( Nigeria Inclusive ), which resulted in a revised ownership structure that gave Elizade Nigeria Limited (ENL) 100 percent share ownership. Toyota Motor corporation Japan upon request to Elizade Nigeria Limited, allowed Sumitomo Corporation of Japan to invest in Toyota’s business in Nigeria to the level of 26 percent equity holding.

Toyota (Nigeria) Limited offers the Nigerian public high quality products tailor-made to suit the Nigerian climatic and road conditions. What indeed has set Toyota apart from competition is the excellent range of products in the brand’s portfolio that have met the demand of the market in terms of customer satisfaction.

Toyota Nigeria Limited accepts open application from fresh graduates.
If you interested in working at Toyota (Nigeria) Limited, please send your resume/CV to the contacts below:

Toyota Training School Complex
TPAO 992, Ojulari Road,
Lekki Peninsula Scheme, Lagos
P. O. Box , 14504,
Ikeja, Lagos
Tel: +234-1-4401311-5
FAX: +234-1-4401321-2
Email: [email protected]

Toyota Nigeria Graduate Recruitment 2011