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18 Sep, 2018

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UNICEF works in 190 countries and territories to protect the rights of every child. UNICEF has spent 70 years working to improve the lives of children and their families. Defending children’s rights throughout their lives requires a global presence, aiming to produce results and understand their effects. UNICEF believes all children have a right to survive, thrive and fulfill their potential – to the benefit of a better world.

We are recruiting to fill the position below:

Job Title: Health Specialist, Polio-Cold Chain Logistics (CCL), P-4,
Job Number: 515828
Location: Abuja
Work type: Fixed Term Staff

How can you make a difference?
Under the direct guidance of the Immunization Manager, Health Section, Abuja the incumbent manages the supply, cold-chain, and logistics operations of the immunization program delivery including for Polio campaigns, services, supply and logistic, processes and systems, requiring advanced professional technical mastery and expertise in support of operations and programme objectives. Accountable for effective planning, procurement, distribution, monitoring and inventory management of immunization program supplies, in support of the Health Section and, among other, polio eradication.

Summary of Key Functions/Accountabilities

  • Program development and planning
  • Program management, monitoring and delivery of results
  • Advisory services and technical support
  • Advocacy, networking and partnership building
  • Innovation, knowledge management and capacity building.

Program development and planning:

  • Plan and provide technical support/guidance to the preparation/design and conduct/update of Situation Analysis to establish a comprehensive/updated strategic plan for development, design and management of health-related programs.
  • Keep abreast of development trends to enhance program management, efficiency and delivery.
  • Ensure adequate vaccine and consumables are forecasted in collaboration with NEOC Logistics group and NPHCDA’s Department of Logistics and Health Commodities, including adequacy of storage capacity to receive vaccines and consumables.
  • Responsible for logistics/supply planning through coordination with Operations/Programme Sections.  Works with NSCS, NPHCDA and National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Authority Provides technical advice on specifications, supply and logistics arrangements facilitating cost-effective efficient procurement, customs clearance, inventory management and distribution of oral polio vaccine, in support of the country programme implementation.
  • Ensure distribution plan has been developed based on approved intervention micro-plan and authorized vaccine.
  • Work with NEOC and states to train the Ward Focal Persons and Ward Vaccine Accountability Officers on mOPV2 vaccine accountability and management, and how to use the vaccine accountability tools.
  • Ensure sound, accurate supply/ logistics management systems, procedures and documentation as well as regular, accurate reporting to maintain the highest level of integrity, standards and accountability including vaccine accountability reporting post Supplemental Immunization Activities for polio.
  • Follow up with implementing states to ensure availability of adequate and dedicated freezers, at state and local government area (LGA) cold stores, for storage of mOPV2 vaccines.
  • Ensure adequate tools for vaccine accountability have been deployed.
  • Deploy VSL facilitators to implementing LGAs to monitor and supervise vaccine management and accountability
  • Provide rapid and relevant responses to evolving supply need and situations facing children and families, including emergency situations, with a priority on achieving value for money including logistics planning through coordination with operations/ programs sections and Country Programme strategy planning previews and reviews
  • Participate in the Country Programme strategy planning preview and reviews to advise on supply/logistics requirements for the of Plan of Operations and Annual Work Plans. Develops Supply/Logistics component of the Country Programme, including systems for storage and distribution of polio vaccine to all sites.

Program management, monitoring and delivery of results:

  • Update situation of actual kickoff for campaign as per approved micro-plan and collect information daily from the field, regarding vaccine management and accountability (specifically number of missing vials and unopened vial wastages)
  • Analyze independent reports from VSLs on vaccine management and accountability in the field. Recommend specific corrective actions for the next day campaign days
  • Coordinate, plan and/or collaborate with internal and external partners to establish monitoring benchmarks, performance indicators and other UNICEF/UN system indicators and measurement to assess/strengthen performance accountability, coherence and delivery of concrete and sustainable results in health programs.
  • Participate in monitoring and evaluation exercises, program reviews and annual sectoral reviews with government and other counterparts to assess progress and to determine required action/interventions to achieve results.
  • Conduct market research, identify and recommend potential local suppliers.  Gather and maintain data on and evaluate local supply sources’ overall performance, (competitive pricing, cost-effectiveness and timely delivery,).  Monitor and assess supply operations and control mechanisms and advises on appropriate actions to take.
  • Document and report any event or suspicion of unauthorized vaccine usage or misuse.
  • Establish and maintain contacts with regard to vaccine procurement and shipping policies.  Interpret and advise the country office on policies and procedures impacting on offshore and local procurement and delivery.
  • Supervise and manage effective procurement, local and/or offshore with a goal to attain lowest cost without sacrificing quality including conduct of market research, and maintaining data on and evaluation of local supply sources overall performance
  • Establish and maintain a system of contact with customs and airport immigration authorities at national ports of entry on the clearance of UNICEF supplies, in keeping with established protocol.
  • Ensure preparation of all immunization vaccines status reports required for donor reports, budget reviews, programme analysis, annual reports, appeals, etc.
  • Regularly create and communicate accurate inventory tracking and incoming supplies information
  • Communicates and reports quality issues with respect to oral polio vaccine.
  • Ensure that VSLs and logisticians from other partners provide oversight of the final counting of opened and unopened vials at LGA and State level and support resident VSLs to provide evidence of destruction of mOPV2 vials, obtain copy of certificate of destruction and submit to country office.
  • Support VSLs to ensure Vaccine Accountability Reports (VAR) from implementing states is submitted to country office within 7 to 10 days of implementation of the campaign
  • Liaise with NEOC on submission of Form A and Vaccine Utilisation Report (VUR) and analyze it before submission of VUR and copy of signed Form A to RO within 15 days of implementation. In the event of delayed submission of signed Form A from the NEOC, the CO will submit unsigned Form A.
  • Obtain a copy of mOPV2 certificate of destruction and submit to RO
  • Work with EOC and Department of Logistics and Health Commodities on retrieval of unused vials from State cold store to one of the national cold stores.

Advisory services and technical support:

  • Provide technical assistance to NPHCDA to design and implement an LMIS from health delivery points, through LGA(s) and Zones to the Federal level.
  • The technical assistance will focus on both the introduction of the LMIS and the transfer of knowledge and skills to government personnel at national and lower levels of the vaccine storage and distribution system.
  • Attend and participate in all NEOC meetings.
  • Through leadership of the Logistics Working Group, strengthen mechanisms for supply of adequate bundled vaccines of good quality andfor monitoring, analysing & reporting of key vaccine management parameters.
  • Work with NAFDAC to facilitate timely registration for EPI vaccines for smooth procurement processes in line with the FGN/UNICEF Memorandum of Understanding.
  • Provide technical support to the NPHCDA to improve functionality and operationalization of the cold-chain including the zonal stores; strengthen maintenance and strengthen mechanisms for dynamic inventory for cold chain and immunization transport.4. Advocacy, networking and partnership building
  • Build and strengthen strategic partnerships with health sector government counterparts, national stakeholders and global partners/allies/donors/academia through active networking, advocacy and effective communication to build capacity, exchange knowledge/expertise and/or promote cooperation and alliances to achieve program goals on children rights and social justice/equity.
  • Coordinate with the Health Section on providing technical advice on procurement specifications of the oral polio vaccine as well as providing advice on requirements in the development of the vaccine component of the Country Programme.
  • Collaboration and Partnership with Government including providing technical advice on procurement specifications of Oral Polio Vaccines, provision of advice to the LWG on procurement policies and procedures, customs clearance, storage and distribution and informing programs of slow moving inventory, upcoming field distributions and maximal use of transportation, warehousing, space, manpower and other resources
  • Provide advice to the LWG on procurement policies and procedures, delivery and utilization of oral polio vaccine.
  • Team with the Health Section and other members of the Operations Section to facilitate procurement as well as efficient customs clearance, storage and distribution of the oral polio vaccine.
  • Develop and maintain partnership and collaborative relations with UNICEF, Government, UN, and bilateral counterparts in supply and logistics activities including distribution, monitoring polio vaccine inputs, and inventory.5. Innovation, knowledge management and capacity building
  • Promote critical thinking and innovative approaches and good practices for sustainable health programs/projects initiatives.
  • Keep abreast, research, benchmark and implement best and cutting edge practices in health management and information systems. Institutionalize and share best practices and knowledge learned.
  • Conduct assessments in cold chain and vaccine management as part of evidence generation to facilitate inputs for policy formulations & decisions. Three assessments planned are: national cold chain and EPI transport assessment, vaccine distribution assessment states & EVMA followed by developing implementation plans.
  • Provide technical support to building capacities of vaccine security and logistics workforce at all levels, including supportive supervision to zones and states for monitoring of logistics activities for immunization service delivery in planning, implementation, monitoring, supervision and evaluation of routine immunization and Supplemental Immunisation Activities
  • Ensure that effective UNICEF and Government capacity-building efforts are provided in order to enhance efficient, effective and timely vaccine delivery though conduct through planning, design and conduct of training for UNICEF and counterpart staff in supply management
  • Plan, design and conduct training for UNICEF’s staff/consultants and counterparts in supply management, customs clearance, distribution and inventory management of supplies and equipment in order to maximize supply delivery. Provide effective coaching to the staff/consultants as required.

Job Requirements
To qualify as an advocate for every child you will have:

  • An advanced university degree (Master’s or higher) in Public Health/Nutrition Pediatric Health, Family Health, Health Research Global/International Health, Health Policy and/or Management, Environment Health Sciences, Biostatistics, Socio-Medical, Health Education, Epidemiology or other health related Sciences is required.
  • A minimum of 8 years of relevant professional experience in public health/nutrition planning and management and/or in relevant areas of maternal and neonatal health care, health emergency/humanitarian preparedness, at the international level some of which preferably in a developing country is required. Relevant experience in health/nutrition program/project development and management in any UN system agency or organization is an asset.
  • Fluency in English is required. Knowledge of another official UN language (Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian or Spanish) or a local language is an asset.

Interested and qualified candidates should: Click here to apply

Application Deadline 21st September, 2018


Job Title: Temporary Appointment: Emergency Specialist, P-3
Job Number: 516199
Location: Abuja, Nigeria (with frequent travel within Nigeria including the North East) (364 days)
Work Type: Temporary Appointment

How can you make a difference?

  • Under the guidance and supervision of the supervisor, establishes and implements country office emergency preparedness and response. Responsible for the development, planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the emergency interventions to ensure the survival and well-being of children and mothers, and the affected communities in an emergency situation.

Major Responsibilities

  • Emergency preparedness is effectively arranged together with establishment of country contingency plans and early warning mechanisms.
  • Emergency preparedness and response plans addresses gender issues that may be expected to intensify during emergencies.
  • Emergency plans of action are developed, and compliance and coordination of all sectors with the plans are implemented.
  • Technical advice on emergencies and programme management related to implementation of emergency preparedness measures are effectively provided.
  • Emergency preparedness and response, and a consistent flow of information of the humanitarian situation are effectively coordinated within the office.
  • Substantive improvements are made in the emergency preparedness and response capability of UNICEF staff and implementing partners through conduct of effective training activities.
  • In the event of an emergency, UNICEF’s presence is promptly established and the initial emergency operational tasks are effectively executed, including provision of support for information communication technology, telecommunications facility and all staff security related assistance in the country office.
  • Needs assessment is effectively conducted to determine priorities and an appropriate intervention by UNICEF based on the local emergency situation affecting children, their families and community.
  • Timely delivery of assistance and supplies is provided, urgent staffing requirements are identified, and the appropriate use of UNICEF resources is monitored for effective project delivery.
  • Emergency appeals and project proposals are prepared, and concerted efforts are put forward to mobilize donor response and recovery/rehabilitation-related funding.
  • Longer-term requirements of the emergency operation/interventions are determined to build a regular operational and staffing structure.
  • Continuous, effective and strategic coordination, communication, consultation and liaison are maintained with Government, UN agencies, NGOs, donors and allies in support of the special needs of children and women affected by emergency situations within the framework of the cluster approach and based on the Core Commitment for Children.
  • Management is kept informed of humanitarian developments in relevant policies, situation developments, potential threats and opportunities/issues in the country.
  • Emergency preparedness and response strategies are mainstreamed in the country office’s workplans.  Sectoral input is provided for all related documents for the office’s Emergency Preparedness and Response, as well as for the Situation Analysis and the Country Programme Document.

To qualify as an advocate for every child you will have…

  • Education: Advanced University Degree in one of the following fields: Social Sciences, Public Administration, International Law, Public Health, Nutrition, International Relations, Business Administration or other related disciplines. Preferably a combination of management, administration, and relevant technical fields
  • Work Experience: Five years of progressively responsible professional work experience at the national and international levels in programme/project development, planning, implementation, monitoring, evaluation and administration. Developing country work experience (for IP) or field work experience (for NO). Specialized training/experience in emergency response management highly desirable.
  • Language Proficiency: Fluency in English is required. Knowledge of the local working language of the duty station is an asset.

Interested and qualified candidates should:  Click here to apply

Application Deadline 25th September, 2018.


Job Title: TA Nutrition Officer, NO-B
Job Number: 516353
Location: Abuja, Nigeria
Work Type: Temporary Appointment

Job Description
How can you make a difference?

  • The position will provide support to the Nutrition Section in providing specific technical support and guidance for scale up of implementation of Community Infant and Young Child Feeding practices by supporting operationalization of SBCC and MIYCN plans in focus states, with attention to the implementation of the modelling a comprehensive approach to improve Dietary Diversity in Kano state and documentation for scale.

Major Responsibilities

  • Ensure monthly and quarterly analytical reports from all levels of implementation are timely done and feedback communicated effectively to the program manager and timely shared with other stakeholders
  • In collaboration with the program manager and Nutrition data officer ensure that the nutrition program reports are also channelled through the existing state and national health system reporting arrangements monthly
  • Undertake quarterly Joint Supportive supervision (State and lower levels),
  • Ensure technical guidance and support for implementation of a comprehensive modelling approach to improve dietary diversity in 2 LGAs of Kano state and documentation of lessons learned for scale up.
  • Provide support in scaling up IYCF component of the Nutrition programme by implementation of MIYCN and IYCF/SBCC operational plans in supported states in collaboration with Government and other development partners as well as other sectors within UNICEF
  • Provide support in harmonization process to implementation of CIYCF counselling approaches together with the use of complementary feeding teaching videos and integration with MNP using CMAM programme as entry point as well as ensure regular monitoring of implementation including in emergency areas.
  • Ensure Early Childhood Nutrition needs are identified in collaboration with FO colleagues including supplies and training needs and appropriate actions are timely taken

Academic qualifications
To qualify as an advocate for every child you will have:

  • University degree in one of the disciplines relevant to the following areas: Public Health & Nutrition, Health Sciences, International Health & Nutrition, Public Health & Nutrition Policy and Management, Family and Community Health & Nutrition, Nutritional Epidemiology, Health & Nutrition Education, Health & Nutrition Promotion and Disease Prevention, Training in gender and in nutrition programmes that promote gender equality is an asset.

Work Experience

  • A minimum of 3 years of professional experience in public health/nutrition planning and programming and/or in relevant areas of Maternal Infant and Young Child Nutrition Relevant experience in health/nutrition program/project development and management in any UN system agency or organization is an asset.
  • Background/familiarity with Emergency. Experience in monitoring gender inequalities and in programming interventions that reduce the disparities is an asset.

Language Requirements

  • Fluency in English and local working languages, especially Hausa

Interested and qualified candidates should: Click here to apply

Application Deadline 1st October, 2018

Note: Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted and advance to the next stage of the selection process.

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