University of Uyo Massive Teaching Staff Job Recruitment [278 positions]

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1 Sep, 2016

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Education Jobs in Nigeria

University of Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria – Applications are invited from suitably qualified candidates for the following teaching positions below:

1. Professor (Agric.Econs & Extension)

2. Professor (Early Childhood & Special Education)

3. Associate Professor (Agric.Econs & Extension)

4. Senior Lecturer (Agric.Econs & Extension)

5. Associate Professor (Early Childhood & Special Education)

6. Professor (Educational Foundation, Guidance & Counselling)

7. Senior Lecturer (Educational Foundation, Guidance & Counselling)

8. Professor (Animal Science)

9. Lecturer I (Animal Science)

10. Senior Lecturer (Animal Science)
11. Lecturer II (Animal Science)

12. Lecturer I (Educational Foundation, Guidance & Counselling)

13. Assistant Lecturer (Educational Foundation, Guidance & Counselling)

14. Professor (Crop Science)

15. Assistant Lecturer (Crop Science)

16. Associate Professor (Crop Science)

17. Senior Lecturer (Crop Science)

18. Assistant Lecturer (Fisheries & Aquatic Environmental Management)

19. Professor (Educational Technology and Library Science)

20. Senior Lecturer (Educational Technology and Library Science)

21. Assistant Lecturer (Educational Technology and Library Science)

22. Lecturer II (Educational Foundation, Guidance & Counselling)

23. Lecturer I (Educational Technology and Library Science)

24. Lecturer II (Educational Technology and Library Science)

25. Lecturer II (Physical and Health Education)

26. Professor (Food Science and Technology)

27. Associate Professor (Food Science and Technology)

28. Senior Lecturer (Food Science and Technology)

29. Lecturer I (Food Science and Technology)

30. Lecturer II (Food Science and Technology)

31. Assistant Lecturer (Food Science and Technology)

32. Lecturer I (Physical and Health Education)

33. Assistant Lecturer (Physical and Health Education)

34. Senior Lecturer (Science Education)

35. Professor (Forestry & Natural Environmental Management)
36. Lecturer II (Science Education)

37. Associate Professor (Forestry & Natural Environmental Management)

38. Senior Lecturer (Forestry & Natural Environmental Management)

39. Lecturer I (Forestry & Natural Environmental Management)

40. Lecturer II (Forestry & Natural Environmental Management)

41. Professor (Vocational Education)

42. Associate Professor (Vocational Education)

43. Senior Lecturer (Vocational Education)

44. Senior Lecturer (Home Economics, Nutrition and Dietetics)

45. Assistant Lecturer (Home Economics, Nutrition and Dietetics)

46. Assistant Lecturer (Soil Science & Land Resources Management)

47. Lecturer II (Vocational Education)

48. Assistant Lecturer (Vocational Education)

49. Associate Professor (English)

50. Senior Lecturer (English)

51.Lecturer I (English)

52. Lecturer II (Forestry & Natural Environmental Management)

53. Senior Lecturer (Institute of Education)

54. Professor (Linguistics & Nigerian Language)

55. Senior Lecturer (Linguistics & Nigerian Language)

56. Lecturer I (Linguistics & Nigerian Language)

57. Lecturer II (Linguistics & Nigerian Language)

58. Assistant Lecturer (Linguistics & Nigerian Language)

59. Professor (Architecture)

60. Associate Professor (Architecture)

61. Senior Lecturer (Architecture)

62. Lecturer II (Building)

63. Lecturer II (Estate Management)

64. Assistant Lecturer (Estate Management)

65. Professor (Music)

66. Associate Professor (Music)

67. Assistant Lecturer (Fine & Industrial Arts)

68. Senior Lecturer (Music)

69. Lecturer I (Music)

70. Lecturer II (Music)

71. Lecturer II (Fine & Industrial Arts)

72. Lecturer I (Fine & Industrial Arts)

73. Professor (Geo-informatics and Surveying)

74. Associate Professor (Geo-informatics and Surveying)

75. Senior Lecturer (Geo-informatics and Surveying)

76. Professor (Philosophy)

77. Senior Lecturer (Philosophy)

78. Lecturer I (Geo-informatics and Surveying)

79. Lecturer II (Geodesy, Hydrography, Remote Sensing)

80. Lecturer I (Philosophy)

81. Lecturer II (Philosophy)

82. Professor (Quantity Surveying)

83. Associate Professor (Quantity Surveying)

84. Senior Lecturer (Quantity Surveying)

85. Lecturer II (Religious/Cultural Studies)

86. Assistant Lecturer (Religious/Cultural Studies)

87. Assistant Lecturer (Urban and Regional Planning)

88. Professor (Anatomy)

89. Associate Professor (Anatomy)

90. Senior Lecturer (Urban and Regional Planning)

91. Senior Lecturer (Anatomy)

92. Lecturer I (Urban and Regional Planning)

93. Lecturer II (Urban and Regional Planning)

94. Senior Lecturer (Biochemistry)

95. Assistant Lecturer (Biochemistry)

96. Professor (International Law)

97. Associate Professor (International Law)

98. Professor (Physiology)

99. Senior Lecturer (International Law)

100. Senior Lecturer (Physiology)

101. Assistant Lecturer (Physiology)

102. Lecturer I (International Law)

103. Lecturer II (International Law)

104. Lecturer I (Public Law)

105. Senior Lecturer (Public Law)

106. Associate Professor (Public Law)

107. Professor (Public Law)

108. Professor (Private Law)

109. Associate Professor (Private Law)

110. Senior Lecturer (Private Law)
111. Lecturer I (Private Law)

112. Lecturer II (Private Law)

113. Professor (Accounting)

114. Associate Professor (Accounting)

115. Senior Lecturer (Accounting)

116. Lecturer I (Accounting)

117. Lecturer II (Accounting)

118. Assistant Lecturer (Accounting)

119. Professor (Clinical Pharmacy and Biopharmacy)

120. Associate Professor (Clinical Pharmacy and Biopharmacy)

121. Professor (Banking and Finance)

122. Senior Lecturer (Banking and Finance)

123. Lecturer II (Banking and Finance)

124. Senior Lecturer (Clinical Pharmacy and Biopharmacy)

125. Assistant Lecturer (Banking and Finance)

126. Professor (Business Management)

127. Senior Lecturer (Business Management)

128. Lecturer I (Business Management)

129. Lecturer II (Business Management)

130. Assistant Lecturer (Business Management)

131. Senior Lecturer (Marketing)

132. Lecturer I (Marketing)

133. Professor (Marketing)

134. Lecturer II (Marketing)

135. Professor (Pharmacognosy and Natural Medicine)

136. Assistant Lecturer (Pharmacognosy and Natural Medicine)

137. Assistant Lecturer (Pharmacology and Toxicology)

138. Lecturer I (Marketing)

139. Lecturer II (Marketing)

140. Lecturer I (Pharmacology and Toxicology)

141. Lecturer II (Pharmacology and Toxicology)

142. Lecturer II (Pharmaceutics/ Pharmaceutical Technology)

143. Professor (Insurance)

144. Senior Lecturer (Insurance)

145. Lecturer I (Insurance)

146. Assistant Lecturer (Insurance)

147. Associate Professor (Insurance)

148. Lecturer I (Pharmaceutics/ Pharmaceutical Technology)

149. Senior Lecturer (Agricultural Engineering)

150. Lecturer I (Agricultural Engineering)

151. Professor (Food Engineering)

152. Associate Professor (Food Engineering)

153. Senior Lecturer (Food Engineering)

154. Lecturer I (Food Engineering)

155. Lecturer II (Food Engineering)

156. Assistant Lecturer (Botany and Ecological Studies)

157. Lecturer II (Food Engineering)

158. Professor (Chemical Engineering)

159. Associate Professor (Chemical Engineering)

160. Senior Lecturer (Chemical Engineering)

161. Lecturer I (Chemical Engineering)

162. Lecturer II (Chemical Engineering)

163. Lecturer II (Botany and Ecological Studies)

164. Lecturer I (Botany and Ecological Studies)

165. Assistant Lecturer (Animal and Environmental Biology)

166. Professor (Petroleum Engineering)

167. Associate Professor (Petroleum Engineering)

168. Senior Lecturer (Petroleum Engineering)

169. Lecturer I (Petroleum Engineering)

170. Lecturer II (Petroleum Engineering)

171. Senior Lecturer (Animal and Environmental Biology)

172. Professor (Civil Engineering)

173. Professor (Animal and Environmental Biology)

174. Associate Professor (Civil Engineering)

175. Senior Lecturer (Civil Engineering)

176. Lecturer I (Civil Engineering)

177. Lecturer II (Civil Engineering)

178. Assistant Lecturer (Chemistry)

179. Lecturer II (Chemistry)

180. Lecturer I (Chemistry)

181. Professor (Elect/Elect Engineering)

182. Associate Professor (Elect/Elect Engineering)

183. Senior Lecturer (Elect/Elect Engineering)

184. Lecturer I (Elect/Elect Engineering)

185. Senior Lecturer (Chemistry)

186. Associate Professor (Chemistry)

187. Professor (Chemistry)

188. Professor (Computer Engineering)

189. Associate Professor (Computer Engineering)

190. Senior Lecturer (Computer Engineering)

191. Lecturer II (Computer Engineering)

192. Lecturer I (Computer Engineering)

193. Professor (Computer Science)

194. Associate Professor (Computer Science)

195. Senior Lecturer (Computer Science)

196. Lecturer I (Computer Science)

197. Lecturer II (Computer Science)

198. Associate Professor (Mechanical Engineering)

199. Professor (Mechanical Engineering)

200. Senior Lecturer (Mechanical Engineering)

201. Lecturer II (Mechanical Engineering)

202. Lecturer I (Mechanical Engineering)

203. Assistant Librarian

204. Lecturer I (Mathematics)

205. Associate Professor (Mathematics)

206. Lecturer II (Mathematics)

207. Professor (Mathematics)

208. Senior Lecturer (Mathematics)

209. Assistant Lecturer (Mathematics)

210. Professor (Statistics)
211. Associate Professor (Statistics)

212. Senior Lecturer (Statistics)

213. Lecturer I (Statistics)

214. Lecturer II (Statistics)

215. Assistant Lecturer (Microbiology)

216. Senior Lecturer (Microbiology)

217. Professor (Microbiology)

218. Professor (Physics)

219. Associate Professor (Physics)

220. Senior Lecturer (Physics)

221. Lecturer I (Physics)

222. Senior Lecturer (Economics)

223. Lecturer II (Economics)

224. Assistant Lecturer (Geography and Regional Planning)

225. Lecturer II (Geography and Regional Planning)

226. Lecturer I (Geography and Regional Planning)

227. Senior Lecturer (Geography and Regional Planning)

228. Assistant Lecturer (Political Science/Public Administration)

229. Professor (Political Science/Public Administration)

230. Senior Lecturer (Political Science/Public Administration)

231. Associate Professor (Psychology)

232. Professor (Psychology)
233. Senior Lecturer (Psychology)
234. Assistant Lecturer (Psychology)

235. Lecturer I (Anaesthesia)

236. Lecturer II (Anaesthesia)

237. Professor (Chemical Pathology)

238. Associate Professor (Chemical Pathology)

239. Senior Lecturer (Chemical Pathology)

240. Lecturer I (Chemical Pathology)
241. Professor (Community Health)

242. Lecturer I (Community Health)

243. Lecturer II (Community Health)

244. Senior Lecturer (Clinical Pharmacy and Therapeutics)

245. Lecturer I (Clinical Pharmacy and Therapeutics)

246. Lecturer II (Clinical Pharmacy and Therapeutics)

247. Assistant Lecturer (Family Medicine)

248. Lecturer II (Family Medicine)

249. Lecturer I (Family Medicine)

250. Senior Lecturer (Family Medicine)

251. Associate Professor (Family Medicine)

252. Professor (Family Medicine)

253. Lecturer I (Haematology)

254. Lecturer I (Internal Medicine)

255. Lecturer II (Internal Medicine)

256. Senior Lecturer (Medical Microbiology and Parasitology)

257. Lecturer I (Medical Microbiology and Parasitology)

258. Lecturer I (Obstetrics and Gynaecology)

259. Lecturer II (Ophthalmology)

260. Professor (Orthopaedics and Traumatology)

261. Associate Professor (Orthopaedics and Traumatology)

262. Senior Lecturer (Orthopaedics and Traumatology)

263. Lecturer I (Orthopaedics and Traumatology)

264. Lecturer I (Paediatrics)

265. Lecturer II (Paediatrics)

266. Senior Lecturer (Pathology)

267. Lecturer I (Pathology)

268. Associate Professor (Pathology)

269. Professor (Pathology)

270. Professor (Radiology)

271. Associate Professor (Radiology)

272. Senior Lecturer (Radiology)

273. Lecturer I (Radiology)

274. Senior Lecturer (Psychiatry)

275. Senior Lecturer (Surgery)

276. Lecturer I (Psychiatry)

277. Lecturer I (Surgery)

278. Lecturer II (Surgery)

Qualifications for a Professor

  • The candidate who must have been an Associate Professor for at least three (3) years must have a Ph.D degree and evidence of highly scholarly productivity.
  • The candidate must have had up to twenty (20) publications, five (5) of which should be offshore, fifteen (15) of which must be journal articles and must have supervised a minimum of one Ph.D student or three master’s students or one resident doctor to Part I Fellowship in the case of Clinical Sciences.
  • The candidate must in addition have at least two (2) positive external assessment reports.
  • Applicants must be computer literate.

CONUASS 7 (N2,495,899.00 – N3,219,940.00)

Qualifications for Associate Professor

  • The candidate who must have been a Senior Lecturer for at least three (3) years must have a Ph.D degree in relevant field with evidence of outstanding and continuing achievement/teaching experience in a University; fifteen (15) publications in reputable journals, of which three (3) must be in offshore journals.
  • Ability to supervise a minimum of one master’s or Ph.D. student or one resident doctor to Part I Fellowship in the case of Clinical Sciences.
  • The candidate must in addition have at least two positive external assessment reports.
  • Applicants must be computer literate.

CONUASS 6 (N2,063924.00 – N2,694896.00)

Qualifications for Senior Lecturer

  • The candidate must have a Ph.D degree or its equivalent in the relevant field from an accredited tertiary institution plus six (6) years post qualification cognate experience.
  • The candidate must also have a minimum of seven (7) publications, five (5) of which must be in reputable national and offshore journals with evidence of continuous research and publication.
  • Ability to supervise postgraduate students at the Master’s level.
  • Applicants must be computer literate.

CONUASS 5 (N1,664,215.00 – N2,359,099.00)

Qualifications for Lecturer I

  • The candidate must have a Ph.D degree in relevant discipline from a recognised University plus at least three (3) years of relevant cognate experience in an accredited tertiary Institution.
  • In addition, the candidate must have at least two (2) good publications in reputable national and offshore journals.
  • Holders of Full Fellowship in the Medical Disciplines, Ph.D holders from Engineering, Law, Environmental Studies, Pharmacy shall be appointed Lecturer I without publication.
  • Ability to initiate and supervise research programmes at the undergraduate level.
  • Applicants must be computer literate.

CONUASS 4 (N1,133,551.00 – N1,455,335.00)

Qualifications for Lecturer II

  • The candidate must have at least a Ph.D or Master’s degree in the case of Engineering, Law, Pharmacy, Environmental Studies and MBBS or equivalent plus Part 1 Fellowship with at least one publication in a reputable journal.
  • An Assistant Lecturer with a minimum of three (3) years teaching experience may apply.
  • Applicants must be computer literate.

CONUASS 3 (N908,301.00 – N1,085,114.00)

Qualifications for Assistant Lecturer 

  • The candidate must have a Master’s degree with dissertation in relevant field.
  • Applicants must be computer literate.

CONUASS 2 (N804,060.00 – N968,202.00)

Qualifications for Assistant Librarian

  • Masters in Library Science (MLS) with dissertation in Library and Information Science.
  • Applicants must be computer literate.

CONUASS 2 (N804,060.00 – N968,202.00)

Method of Application
Interested and qualified candidates should forward fifteen (15) copies of their spiral bound applications with detailed curriculum vitae stating:

  • Name in full
  • Post sought for
  • Place and Date of Birth (with evidence)
  • Home Address/Phone Number(s)
  • Present postal and e-mail addresses
  • Nationality
  • Marital Status
  • Number, Names and Ages of Children
  • Educational Institutions attended with dates
  • Academic and Professional Qualifications, including Distinctions with Dates (enclose photocopies of certificates)
  • Statement of work experience including full details of former and presents posts, dates, post held and current salary
  • Other activities outside present employment
  • Names and Addresses of three (3) Referees who should forward reports to the Registrar, University of Uyo, Uyo
  • NYSC Discharge or Exemption Certificate
  • Any other relevant information

Applicants are advised to write boldly at the left hand cover of the envelopes containing fifteen (15) copies of their applications, the POSITION to which they are responding to. All applications should be addressed and delivered to the:
University of Uyo,
P.M.B. 1017,
Akwa Ibom State,

Application Closing Date
12th October, 2016.

Only the applications of shortlisted candidates will be acknowledged.

Anybody asking you to pay money to schedule your interview or offer you job may be a scam