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2 May, 2019

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WaterAid is an international organisation whose mission is to transform the lives of the poorest and most marginalised people by improving access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene. Through their partners, they have reached 2 million people with safe water and 3 million people with sanitation last year. We are recruiting to fill the position below:


Job Title: Creative Team/Agency for Hygiene Behaviour Change Intervention (Consultancy)
Introduction and Background

  • Access to improved sanitation has remained poor in most states in Nigeria, especially in Bauchi State with just 35% of rural dwellers having access to basic sanitation and an even lower percentage practising good hygiene.
  • WaterAid Nigeria is working to improve access through its HSBC-funded Strengthening Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Delivery Systems (SWADS) and Driving Political Will to End Cholera projects in Bauchi State. As part of these projects, we will implement a Hygiene Behaviour Change (HBC) intervention to improve hygiene practices in communities and health care facilities, as well as to raise awareness on cholera in Bauchi State.
  • The focus is on changing the physical and social environment as well as motivating people to think and act differently.
  • There have been a number of interventions that have yielded significant changes in and access to improved sanitation, however, less progress has been made on sustaining hygiene behaviour change. Traditional behaviour change approaches based on knowledge transfer and infrastructure alone have been ineffective in sustaining behaviour change, and led to a waste of resources.
  • It is with this in mind that WaterAid is recruiting a creative team/agency to develop a creative and innovative package of interventions that can inspire and motivate people to adopt positive hygiene behaviours in Bauchi State. A  Formative research has already been conducted in Kirfi LGA to understand the current hygiene and sanitation practices, as well as the communities’ values, attitudes and motivations. It is expected that this knowledge/evidence will inform the design of the HBC intervention.

Focus Hygiene Behaviours:

  • While many behaviours can be targeted, a limited number of unhygienic practices are responsible for most WASH associated diseases and human dignity. Behaviour change efforts should not be diluted by targeting too many practices, as it risks confusion. Our focus lies on key hygiene behaviours under the single umbrella of hygiene promotion using common motivators:
  • Handwashing with soap at critical moments such as after defecation and cleaning a child’s bottom, before eating and before feeding children, after touching dust, dirt, and waste
  • Safe and hygienic management/disposal of human excreta (including of small children) and on the purchase, use and cleaning of sanitation facilities.
  • Safe domestic water management from source to the point of consumption including collection, transportation, storage, household water treatment and consumption
  • Food hygiene especially for weaning and children’s food, ensuring thorough cooking and re-heating, handwashing with soap before feeding or eating, cleanliness of serving utensils using ash or soap, and the proper storage of cooked food
  • Menstrual hygiene and its management both in household, community and institutional settings (focus on improving awareness, reducing taboos, improving facilities, products and managing waste).
  • Other context-specific hygiene behaviours such as face washing in areas in where trachoma is endemic, or good hygiene in healthcare settings i.e. before and after patient contact, cleaning, waste management etc.

Purpose of the Creative Team/Agency:

  • Following completion of the formative research, a creative team/agency is now required to support the projects to translate the research findings into a package of attractive, fun and surprising activities and promotional tools / materials that will achieve the desired behaviour change.
  • It is expected the team/agency will create an overarching brand with activities, inspirations, key behaviours and motivational insights sharing a common identity, that are linked to emotional drivers, but are also fun and engaging. Activities will be implemented at household, community and in healthcare settings.

Examples of successful hygiene behaviour change packages and activities include:

Working in close collaboration with WaterAid and implementing partners who will support field testing and modification, the creative team/agency will be responsible for the creative development and detailed design of the hygiene behaviour change package, implementation manual and capacity building training.

The creative team/agency will work with WaterAid staff and partners to develop the brand for the hygiene behaviour change programme and produce an associated package of behaviour change activities for the projects under this brand. These may include a combination of communications (radio and other media), household and community activities.

Several rounds of feedback from WaterAid partners and results from pre-testing will be incorporated into the final package, which will be implemented by project partners.

In addition to the brand, communication and activity components of the package, the creative Team/Agency will also develop a detailed implementation manual (Behaviour Change Communication strategy and guidelines) required to facilitate the activities, including session plans, timings, resources, activity sequencing etc., and provide training to enable partners to implement the package.

The developed materials will be tailored for specific audiences in English, Pidgin English, Hausa and Fulfulde languages.

Make-up of the Creative Team/Agency:

  • The creative Team/Agency should consist of experts on behaviour change and communication from the private sector, social marketing, behaviour change science, development sector, research, academia, curriculum design, and layout/design artists.

Job Descriptions

  • WaterAid Nigeria would like to recruit a Creative Team/Agency drawn from different backgrounds to design an innovative hygiene behaviour change intervention for communities in Bauchi State.
  • The creative Team/Agency will participate in a  two- day technical training on hygiene behaviour change and a three-day sanitation and hygiene creative workshop from 22 – 24 May, 2019, and then complete the development of a package of materials (max 25 days after the workshop).
  • The creative team/agency should comprise a maximum of five (5) people drawn from the backgrounds of behaviour change and communication, social marketing, behaviour change science, development, research, academia, curriculum design, and layout/design artists.

Detailed Tasks for the Creative Team/Agency:

  • Participate in a two-day technical session on Hygiene behaviour change three-day (3-day) creative workshop to initiate the design of the intervention package with the expected following outputs:
  • Translate formative research findings into insights and into campaign / intervention ideas during creative workshop and identify key intervention component linking with specific touchpoints.
  • Design simple, feasible and replicable hygiene promotion package to be delivered through various platforms to motivate key behaviours and influence individual/groups to change their adversely practiced hygiene habits. Including:
  • Develop detailed session plans (5 – 6 sessions depending on the context).
  • Set-out session-specific intervention components/content/activities, tools and methods for hygiene promotion intervention both for healthcare and community settings.
  • Target innovative techniques and tools for each session.
  • Link the tools and techniques with emotional drivers and motives.
  • Link each behaviour with key principle hygiene messages along with attractive tools.
  • Include all key behaviours in each session.
  • Test prototype intervention with WaterAid Nigeria and partners to ensure feasibility and acceptability.
  • Assess acceptability and feasibility of prototype intervention in field.
  • Follow up and finalise
  • Discuss and develop consensus on minimum standards, in consultation with the WaterAid UK Team/Agency: positing, branding, scalability, number of exposure, capacity building, monitoring etc.
  • Generate new ideas based on experiences and formative research findings and group discussion and challenge each other on the ideas and the concept.
  • Agree on the common tools /materials with rationale linking with whether tools/materials reinforce behaviour change and whether tools are surprising / attractive.
  • One-day interaction workshop with stakeholders to finalise intervention package.
  • Suggest detail implementation plan that can be linked with operational manual and identify the aspects that maintain fidelity.
  • Finalise prototype intervention package.
  • Produce a prototype intervention package, simple and scalable, along with detail session plan. Including:
  • Focus on determined behaviours and tools that are culturally, socially acceptable and easy to understand
  • Produce a detailed communication strategy/operational manual detailing each session to facilitate promotion of the hygiene intervention package.
  • Review with the WaterAid Team/Agency
  • One or two day/s (1/2) intensive meeting and discussion with WaterAid UK and WaterAid Nigeria through skype to agree on the package.

Expected Outcomes:

  • A simple and scalable hygiene promotion “prototype package” – ready to print.
  • An operational manual on how to implement hygiene promotion package
  • Stakeholders’ meeting to share hygiene promotion package.
  • Finalise prototype package and share e-copy.
  • A brief report about the process followed to design the package.

Reporting to:

  • The team/agency will report to the State Programme Lead, Bauchi and the Communications Manager.

Time Frame and Logistics:

  • Start:  20th May – 26th July, 2019.
  • This work is to be completed within a maximum of 30 days, with total working days for each task member not exceeding 20 days.
  • The days worked includes design of the prototype package materials, field testing of the package in communities, behaviour change communication strategies and guidelines- operational manual.

Skills and Qualifications of the Creative Team/Agency (not mutually exclusive):

  • Proven experience in designing attractive, fun, engaging, and surprising behaviour change activities, tools/materials and communications packages for a range of target audiences
  • Proven experience producing written guidance manuals and designing illustrative materials
  • Fluent written and spoken English / local language
  • Strong writing and artistic skills
  • Experience and willingness to work with WaterAid Nigeria Team/Agency
  • Proven experience using formative research to inform the development of creative packages
  • Proven experience in designing intervention package
  • Proven experiences in social marketing, product design and facilitating workshops/training


  • Knowledge of behaviour change approaches and theories
  • Previous experience with the ABCDE steps to Behaviour Centred Design
  • Understanding and previous experience of WASH or public health

Budget and Remuneration

  • A payment schedule will be agreed at the time of contracting, but applicants should provide a full budget with their proposal. Each member of the creative team/agency will be paid for a maximum of 20 days, depending on their contribution and actual timesheet submitted as part of the invoice to WaterAid Nigeria,fee should be determined by skills and experience.



How to Apply
Interested and qualified candidates should send their Applications including proposal, Budget and CV of all members of the team by email to: [email protected]

Application Procedure

  • WaterAid Nigeria will accept proposals from individuals who can bring together a Creative Team/agency. The proposal should include the names, background and experience of the Creative Team/Agency members, highlighting any previous work on creative behaviour change/social marketing, community-based media work.
  • A number of people can be proposed, but only five will be selected for the creative Team/Agency.

The proposal should also include:

  • Detailed CV of those proposed for the creative team/agency
  • Description of a proposed methodology (ideas/activities/strategies) for HBC
  • Samples of any previous work in the same area
  • Timed workplan and budget

Note: Designs should be done by a professional designer within the team/agency


Application Deadline:  5:00 PM, 7th May, 2019.

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