40+ Positions: Management Sciences for Health (MSH)

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4 Sep, 2013

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Healthcare Jobs in Nigeria

MSH, a global health nonprofit organisation, uses proven approaches developed over 40 years to help leaders, health managers, and communities in developing nations build stronger health systems for greater health impact. We work to save lives by closing the gap between knowledge and action in public health. Since its founding in 1971, MSH has worked in over 150 countries with policymakers, health professionals, and health care consumers to improve the quality, availability and affordability of health services. Working with governments, donors, nongovernmental organisations, the private sector, and health agencies, MSH responds to priority health problems such as HIV & AIDS; tuberculosis; malaria; maternal, newborn and child health; family planning and reproductive health; and chronic non-communicable diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and lung and heart disease. Through strengthening capacity, investing in health systems innovation, building the evidence base, and advocating for sound public health policy, MSH is committed to making a lasting difference in global health.

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Job ID Job Title Location Posted Date
13-6886 Clinical HIV/AIDS Specialist, Kebbi NG-Kebbi 2013-08-29
13-6885 Clinical HIV/AIDS Specialist, Kwara NG-Kwara 2013-08-29
13-6884 Clinical HIV/AIDS Specialist, Niger NG-Niger State 2013-08-29
13-6882 Clinical HIV/AIDS Specialist, Sokoto NG 2013-08-29
13-6883 Clinical HIV/AIDS Specialist, Zamfara NG 2013-08-29
13-6642 Community Care Officers, Kebbi NG-Kebbi 2013-06-05
13-6645 Community Care Officers, Kwara NG-Kwara 2013-06-05
13-6638 Community Care Officers, Niger NG-Niger State 2013-06-05
13-6643 Community Care Officers, Sokoto NG 2013-06-05
13-6644 Community Care Officers, Zamfara NG 2013-06-05
13-6892 Community Care Specialist, Kebbi NG-Kebbi 2013-08-29
13-6891 Community Care Specialist, Niger NG-Niger State 2013-08-29
13-6889 Community Care Specialist, Sokoto NG 2013-08-29
13-6890 Community Care Specialist, Zamfara NG 2013-08-29
13-6770 Finance & Admin Assistant, Zamfara NG 2013-07-29
13-6888 HIV Prevention Specialist, Kebbi NG-Kebbi 2013-08-29
13-6887 HIV Prevention Specialist, Zamfara NG 2013-08-29
13-6880 HIV Quality Improvement Officer NG-Abuja 2013-08-29
13-6618 Human Resources Assistant, Abuja NG 2013-05-24
12-4863 Intern/Volunteers NG 2012-06-13
13-6706 Laboratory Advisor NG-Abuja 2013-07-09
13-6894 Laboratory Systems Specialist, Sokoto NG 2013-08-29
13-6895 Laboratory Systems Specialist, Zamfara NG 2013-08-29
13-6743 Management information system (MIS) Officer NG-Abuja 2013-07-19
13-6659 Monitoring & Evaluation Associate, Niger NG-Niger State 2013-06-11
13-6661 Monitoring & Evaluation Associate, Sokoto NG 2013-06-11
13-6660 Monitoring & Evaluation Associate, Zamfara NG 2013-06-11
13-6657 Monitoring & Evaluation Associate,Kebbi NG-Kebbi 2013-06-11
13-6658 Monitoring & Evaluation Associate,Kwara NG-Kwara 2013-06-11
13-6785 Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist, Kebbi State NG-Kebbi 2013-07-31
13-6853 Organizational Development Director NG 2013-08-19
13-6784 Program Associate NG-Abuja 2013-07-31
13-6718 Senior Laboratory Officer, Kebbi NG-Kebbi 2013-07-10
13-6715 Senior Laboratory Officer, Kwara NG-Abuja 2013-07-10
13-6897 Senior Laboratory Officer, Sokoto NG 2013-08-29
13-6896 Senior Laboratory Officer, Zamfara NG 2013-08-29
13-6598 Senior Technical Advisor: HIV Prevention, Care and Support NG-Abuja 2013-05-23
13-6893 State Team Leader, Zamfara NG 2013-08-29
13-6868 Technical Officer NG 2013-08-26
13-6546 Technical Officer, Gombe NG-Gombe 2013-05-06

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