Stanbic IBTC Nigeria Vacancies: Senior Evaluation Mgr

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26 Feb, 2010

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Banking Jobs in Nigeria

Stanbic IBTC Bank PLC offers its clients a wide range of corporate, investment, business and personal banking products and solutions.  With over 60 branches across the country and over 1500 dedicated staff, the bank is positioned to take care of your banking requirements. Stanbic IBTC bank recruits Senior Evaluation Manager

Job Position Description

To evaluate counter-party credit risks associated with the bank’s Corporate and Commercial lending and investment activities with the primary objective to contain credit risk within acceptable parameters
Provision of Credit Evaluation Services on application submitted for approval:
Conduct credit evaluation of facilities based on the application for facilities, financial information, and market information and in line with the credit policy and procedures.
Discuss the credit application with the Credit origination manager with a view to understanding the deal motivated and identifying risk management requirements.
Make approve /decline decision on deals within own delegate authority.
Recommend approval of appropriate facilities above own delegate authority to the Head of CIB Credit
Recommend decline of non-viable deals to the Head of CIB Credit after consultation with the Relationship Manager.
Present and defend own judgments on credit application to the Head of CIB Credit.
Organise, attend and facilitate Credit Committee Meeting for approval of credit application as appropriate.
Risk Management:
Proactively drive review process of existing facilities ensure a consistent, through and timely evaluation of all existing facilities.
Review relevant exception and ensure that exposures in excess of credit facilities for CIB names are reported and approval sought. Evaluate the excess request in relation to business risk parameters.
Review relevant audit reports on the loading of counterparty (CIB) information (i.e. review dates, new risk grades, interest rate etc) and limits relating to the approved AFF. Ensure that the above information is at all times correct and current. Where discrepancies/irregularities are evident, correctives actions is to be taken without delay.
Detect and evaluate shift or change in key risk parameter in a business relationship or industry and evaluate the implication of such change on continued business dealings.
Recommend placing of accounts on the watch list and lock up where necessary, and the need for provisions.
Oversee that adequate provision is held for the accounts in lockup that come through for evaluation.
Ensure that global Credit Standards, credit procedures manual, Local Credit Policy and Risk Acceptance Criteria are adhered to at all times.
Ensure (working with Account Management) that account identities as problematic are developed with the respective Relationship Manager to ensure that account identified as problematic are developed with the respective relationship manager to ensure  that remedial action is taken to regularizes the exposure and/ or escalate them to lock-up.

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