Stanbic IBTC Recruitment: The Teller

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13 Apr, 2010

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Banking Jobs in Nigeria

Stanbic IBTC Bank is one of the leading new generation banks in Nigeria today, Stanbic IBTC Bank PLC continues to play a significant role in some of the largest capital markets deals not only in Nigeria but in the continent as well. The bank invites applications for the position of The Teller

Position Description


What does it mean to be a Teller within SB? They are most often the first point of contact for our clients – the face of the Bank, so one can understand the importance of this role in maintaining and growing the reputation and brand of the Bank. With this in mind lets chat through a ‘day in the life’ of a Teller.

Customer Service and Care

The most consistent aspect of this job is people. A day in the life of a Teller begins and ends with interacting with and serving the Bank’s customers. Within this context, having a love for, interest in and tolerance of people of all ages, races, convictions and attitudes is key.  This obviously requires that you stand for most of the day so physical wellness is a must.
The catch phrases ‘customer care’ and customer service’ are so often heard but so seldom really experienced. Some people naturally want to, and are really talented at making others feel acknowledged, listened to, valued and heard. There are many ways of doing this but the result of friendly, competent and efficient service is always the same, a happy and loyal customer.

Please note:  In addition to the above, Sr Teller will also provide assistance to less experienced teller staff.  Another major function is to assume the role of a Teller Supervisor in his/her absence.
Position Requirements

Product knowledge

You cannot offer great customer service without a powerful product, or as with SB, a range of products. The Teller plays a variety of activities such a receiving deposits and managing withdrawals. They also play a critical referral role as they are involved in identifying customer needs and need to know the Bank and its products well enough to refer them to the right person. This is referred to as ‘lead generation’, a role which our best Tellers excel at.
Having the ability and desire to keep up to date with the market and product changes is a must. In addition, providing constructive feedback and recommendations on how to improve SB’s services and products is valued.

Would you prefer a role which provides you with clear guidelines? Do you enjoy an organised approach to life? If so then the next 2 role requirements may come naturally to you.

Cash Management

The Banks main function is to safeguard and grow the assets of its customers. Managing, monitoring and accounting for the different forms of money that flow through your till is key to the role of the Teller. A love of ‘precision’ and a desire to be accurate are key to succeeding in this role.


The Bank works within a clear and strictly applied legal framework. The Teller needs to know and consistently apply these rules, processes and regulations across products and customers. Often this implies taking the time to explain the ‘red tape’ to the customer in a way that makes sense to the customer impacted.

We began this description by speaking about the people aspects of this role. Well, compliance can also be applied to people and relationships. Building trust through maintaining high levels of honesty and confidentiality is paramount to the values of the Bank and success of this role.