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26 Jan, 2011

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The Rigger Supervisor is responsible for co-ordinating pipelay, deck, rigging and crane operations and to ensure that said operations are carried out in accordance with standard vessel procedures, and in a safe manner.

The Rigger Supervisor shall perform ‘hands on’ tasks as required to support operations.


· Contribute to creating a positive HSEQ culture within Acergy.

· Work under instruction of the Deck Foreman and take responsibility for the delegation and supervision of tasks to personnel reporting to them.

· Ensure housekeeping activities are performed as necessary to maintain a safe and clean worksite.

· Ensure all personnel working or observing activities on deck wear appropriate PPE.

· Ensure that rigging and lifting equipment is maintained correctly

· Ensure vigilant care and attention to all deck operations paying particular attention to rigging and lifting equipment.

· Perform crane/banksman tasks as required and supervise termination of wire ropes and ensure that all equipment on deck is sea fastened and secured.

· Perform rigging tasks relating to construction operations and to perform rigging tasks relating to repair and maintenance of vessel and construction equipment as required.

· Assist with handling and storage of vessel stores and provisions during loading operations of these items, perform sea-fastening of equipment, assist with handling of vessel mooring ropes as required and perform pipe handling operations.

· Ensure any rigging is ‘Fit for Purpose’ prior to use and perform visual inspection of all loose rigging prior to and after in-service use. Utilise rigging equipment for its intended purpose and within SWL limits. Ensure rigging equipment and scaffolding is maintained as required.

· Perform ‘working at height’ and ‘over-side’ operations as required.

· Perform Rigid Pipelay and Flexible / Umbilical installation activities as required, to include

o Inputting of pipe serial numbers into firing line computer.

o Supervision of pipe-handling operations

o Supervision of carousel operations/loadouts

o Ensure that all equipment required to carry out pipe/umbilical lay operations is maintained and functioning correctly

o Be aware of all hazards associated with the movement of pipes and machinery

o Perform front end firing line operations as required.

· Key responsibilities for this position also include:

o Perform scaffolding erection and dismantling as required.

o Supervision and operation of winches (air and hydraulic) as required for construction activities.

o Operation of hydraulic cranes (HIABs) as required for construction activities.

o Operation of hand tools as required for construction activities.

o Pad changes on tensioners as required for set-up of lay spread equipment


· Operate within Code of Business Conduct

· Proactive involvement with development and production of task plans to ensure the safe execution of the work scope.

· Ensure all pipelay/rigging activities undertaken comply with the relevant legislative directives and are in accordance with the Company operations manuals and safety memoranda.

· Ensure that all documentation is completed in support of operation and that support documentation for routine preventative maintenance/certification programs regarding the systems and support equipment is in place.

· Responsible for the overall health, safety and welfare of self and colleagues and subordinates where applicable.

· To manage all behaviours in compliance with HSEQ requirements.

· Proactive participation in project safety briefings, HIRAs and tool box talks.

· To use and maintain all controls, standards and procedures for the protection of self, colleagues and the environment.

· Actively report all undesired events and safety observations using the Safety Observation system and Undesired Events Report system.

· Actively report non-conformances using the Non-Conformance Report (NCR) system.

· Actively report and manage any unsafe act, condition or procedure or environmental unsafe acts and conditions to the Deck Foreman so that action can be taken to manage or minimise any and all risk.



· Those necessary to comply with this role profile


· Deck Foreman

· Assistant Deck Foreman (where applicable)

· Riggers

· Marine Assets Personnel


Job requirements
Recognised Rigging certificate.

Valid offshore medical suitable for geographical area of work.

Valid offshore survival course suitable for geographical area of work.

Attendance at PASS school induction and other company familiarisation prior to mobilisation. Compliance with the Acergy Competence Assurance Assessment Programme (CAAP).

Opened to Locals only (Nigerians)

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